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  • Top rated LTO Winners
    23/09/2017 Catt Canford's Joy (IRE) 10/1
    Catt Brandon Castle (GB) 6/5
    Catt Old China (GB) 100/30
    Nmkt Shenanigans (IRE) 9/4
    Wolv (AW) Kind Act (USA) 4/9

    22/09/2017 Newb Blakeney Point (GB) 9/1
    Newb White Mocha (USA) 13/8
    Newc (AW) Lina's Star (IRE) 10/1
    Newc (AW) Lady Of The Lamp (IRE) 5/4

    21/09/2017 Yarm Big Tour (IRE) 6/4
    Chel Harlequin Storm (IRE) 6/1

    20/09/2017 Sand The Statesman (GB) 11/4
    Yarm Swiftsure (IRE) 2/1

    19/09/2017 Chep Spinnaka (IRE) 2/1
    Chep Outcrop (IRE) 10/11
    Red Penny Pot Lane (GB) 7/1
    Red Van Velde (IRE) 6/4
    Newc (AW) Bahkit (IRE) 2/1
    Newc (AW) Archie Perkins (IRE) 7/4
    Newc (AW) Kilbaha Lady (IRE) 7/1

    18/09/2017 Bri Groundnut (GB) 3/1
    Bri Esspeegee (GB) 5/1

    17/09/2017 Bath Our Lord (GB) 7/2

    16/09/2017 Chest Duretto (GB) 11/10
    Chest Kajaki (IRE) 9/2
    Ling Our Cilla (GB) 100/30
    Muss Daffy Jane (GB) 9/2
    Muss Set In Stone (IRE) 6/4

    15/09/2017 Chest Spud (IRE) 30/100
    Chest Song Maker (GB) 15/8
    Chest Dark Devil (IRE) 9/2
    Donc Blue Laureate (GB) 16/1
    Sals Daddies Girl (IRE) 5/1

    14/09/2017 Chep Goring (GER) 11/4
    Epsom Alnasl (IRE) 11/4
    Epsom Dream Machine (IRE) 5/4

    13/09/2017 Car Lucky Lucky Man (IRE) 13/2
    Car Question Of Faith (GB) 5/2
    Donc Mount Logan (IRE) 2/1

    12/09/2017 Catt Vindicator (IRE) 10/3
    Leic Morning Wonder (IRE) 5/2

    11/09/2017 Bri Oden (GB) 2/1

    09/09/2017 Ascot Soliloquy (GB) 4/7
    Hay Chilean (GB) 6/1
    Kemp (AW) Chemical Charge (IRE) 13/8
    Kemp (AW) Brilliant Vanguard (IRE) 8/1
    Thir Caravela (IRE) 11/8
    Thir Erissimus Maximus (FR) 3/1
    Wolv (AW) Bell Heather (IRE) 13/2

    08/09/2017 Ascot Odyssa (IRE) 7/2
    Hay Pulitzer (GB) 2/1
    Hay Awake My Soul (IRE) 8/1
    Kemp (AW) Symbolization (IRE) 4/9
    Kemp (AW) Robbie Roo Roo (GB) 5/1
    Muss Arabian Jazz (IRE) 4/1
    Muss Masarzain (IRE) 13/8
    Muss Dark Profit (IRE) 7/2
    Muss Chebsey Beau (GB) 13/2
    Newc (AW) Rastacap (GB) 4/1

    07/09/2017 Hay Fibonacci (GB) 4/7
    Hay Ginbar (IRE) 11/8
    Hay Marmajuke Bay (GB) 15/2
    Sals Clairette (IRE) 10/11
    Chel Newstead Abbey (GB) 5/4
    Chel Airway (GB) 7/4

    06/09/2017 Chep Awesome (GB) 13/2
    Ling Hindsight (GB) 1/4

    05/09/2017 Good Juliet Foxtrot (GB) 8/11
    Good Neola (GB) 7/2
    Good Overhaugh Street (GB) 7/1
    Ham Guishan (GB) 15/8
    Ham Indian Chief (IRE) 5/2

    04/09/2017 Bri Edge (IRE) 6/4
    Rip Mokaatil (GB) 2/5
    Rip Tarboosh (GB) 9/2
    Rip Ludorum (IRE) 11/4
    Win Take Me With You (USA) 4/11
    Win Vimy Ridge (GB) 5/4

    03/09/2017 Bri Her Terms (GB) 11/4

    02/09/2017 Bev Akavera (GB) 5/6
    Bev Ivors Involvement (IRE) 10/1
    Chest Peggy's Angel (GB) 8/1
    Ham Humble Gratitude (GB) 8/11
    Ham Taxmeifyoucan (IRE) 15/8
    Ham Jessinamillion (GB) 2/7
    Chel Masham Star (IRE) 8/1

    01/09/2017 Thir Exhort (GB) 5/6
    Thir Mr Strutter (IRE) 6/4
    Thir Kirkham (GB) 9/1

    31/08/2017 Bath Zain Smarts (IRE) 6/1
    Muss Placebo Effect (IRE) 4/1
    Muss Kikini Bamalaam (IRE) 100/30
    Muss Raselasad (IRE) 6/4
    Muss My Girl Maisie (IRE) 5/2
    Wolv (AW) Wolfcatcherjack (IRE) 30/100

    30/08/2017 Catt Question Of Faith (GB) 5/2
    Kemp (AW) Euqranian (USA) 11/8
    Ling Gavota (GB) 30/100
    Muss Suwaan (IRE) 5/2

    29/08/2017 Car Manatee Bay (GB) 20/1
    Car Sea Tide (GB) 8/15
    Epsom Cordite (IRE) 9/2
    Rip Veejay (IRE) 11/8
    Rip Rodaini (USA) 9/4
    Rip Fitzwilly (GB) 9/2

    28/08/2017 Chep Taws (GB) 2/1
    Chep Murchison River (GB) 7/2
    Rip Flo's Memory (GB) 11/4
    Rip Hee Haw (IRE) 9/2
    Rip Brilliant Vanguard (IRE) 11/4
    South (AW) Jabbarockie (GB) 3/1
    South (AW) Tricky Dicky (GB) 6/4

    27/08/2017 Good Ibn Al Emarat (IRE) 13/8
    Good Delannoy (GB) 3/1
    Good Lady Bergamot (FR) 9/4
    Yarm Teodoro (IRE) 8/1

    26/08/2017 Chest Sable Island (IRE) 6/4
    Chest Alexander M (IRE) 6/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Foxy Forever (IRE) 4/1
    Red Escape The City (GB) 4/5
    York Holmeswood (GB) 9/2

    25/08/2017 Nmkt (Jul) Torcello (IRE) 7/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Dynamic (GB) 8/11
    Sals Mildenberger (GB) 11/10
    Ffos Move Over (GB) 5/4
    Ffos Casement (IRE) 1/4
    Ffos Twenty Times (IRE) 3/1
    Ffos Gnaad (IRE) 9/2

    24/08/2017 Chep Hedging (IRE) 11/2
    Ham Queen Penn (GB) 3/1
    Ham White Rosa (IRE) 2/5
    York Tangled (IRE) 15/2
  • 2nd and 3rd rated LTO Winners
    23/09/2017 Catt El Chapo (GB) 3/1
    Catt Bahuta Acha (GB) 7/2
    Catt Someone Exciting (GB) 9/2
    Newb Emaraaty (GB) 4/9
    Newb James Garfield (IRE) 100/30
    Newb Brorocco (GB) 8/1
    Wolv (AW) Miracle Garden (GB) 7/2
    Wolv (AW) Noble Behest (GB) 11/4

    22/09/2017 Newb Beshaayir (GB) 11/10
    Newb Breden (IRE) 16/1
    Dun Pure Action (IRE) 5/4
    Dun Ligeti (IRE) 5/1
    Newc (AW) Ibazz (GB) 5/1
    Newc (AW) Young Tiger (GB) 4/1

    21/09/2017 Pont Royal Shaheen (FR) 4/1
    Pont Marie Of Lyon (GB) 3/1
    Pont Misscarlett (IRE) 3/1
    Pont Penny Pot Lane (GB) 100/30
    Yarm Mazyoun (GB) 3/1
    Chel Chetan (GB) 3/1

    20/09/2017 Bev Broughtons Story (GB) 6/1
    Sand Operative (GB) 7/2
    Sand Kitaabaat (GB) 9/4
    Sand Uae Queen (GB) 14/1
    Yarm Fortitude (IRE) 3/1
    Yarm Zabeel Prince (IRE) 8/11
    Yarm Equitation (GB) 3/1

    19/09/2017 Chep Kozier (GER) Evens
    Red Dark Liberty (IRE) 9/1
    Red Short Work (GB) 11/8
    Red Kynren (IRE) 2/1
    Yarm One Master (GB) 4/11
    Newc (AW) Lopes Dancer (IRE) 13/2
    Newc (AW) Peace Trail (GB) 11/4

    18/09/2017 Car Passionatta (IRE) 11/2
    Car Powerful Society (IRE) 9/4

    17/09/2017 Ffos Give Em A Clump (IRE) 9/4
    Ffos Yorbelucky (GB) 4/1
    Ffos Fastnet Spin (IRE) 7/2
    Ffos Lorelina (GB) Evens

    16/09/2017 Chest Dan Troop (GB) 5/2
    Chest Shaya (IRE) 13/8
    Donc Aclaim (IRE) 3/1
    Donc Seahenge (USA) 8/1
    Ling Give And Take (GB) 4/5
    Ling Ower Fly (GB) 4/1
    Muss Tor (GB) 5/2

    15/09/2017 Chest Explain (GB) 4/1
    Donc Heartache (GB) 6/4
    Donc Desert Skyline (IRE) 2/1
    Donc Pivoine (IRE) 9/4
    Sals Alternative Fact (GB) 4/1
    Sals On To Victory (GB) 8/11
    Sals Italian Heiress (GB) 3/1
    Sand Fastar (IRE) 7/1
    Sand Capton (GB) 100/30

    14/09/2017 Chep Ashwass (USA) 5/4
    Donc Ellthea (IRE) 8/1
    Donc Alyssa (GB) 25/1
    Epsom Scofflaw (GB) 7/1

    13/09/2017 Car Bungee Jump (IRE) 11/10
    Donc Off Art (GB) 5/1
    Donc Somewhere Secret (GB) 11/1
    Kemp (AW) Romina (GB) 11/4

    12/09/2017 Catt Captain Jameson (IRE) 6/1
    Catt Our Charlie Brown (GB) 7/2
    Catt Bold Spirit (GB) 9/2
    Leic Maori Bob (IRE) 9/2
    Leic Waady (IRE) 9/4
    Newc (AW) Sileel (USA) 7/2
    Newc (AW) Chrisellaine (IRE) 3/1
    Newc (AW) Groundworker (IRE) 5/1

    11/09/2017 Bri Buskin River (IRE) 6/1

    09/09/2017 Ascot Pettochside (GB) 9/2
    Kemp (AW) Tadleel (GB) 13/2
    Kemp (AW) Invincible Army (IRE) 11/8
    Thir Kryptos (GB) 5/2
    Wolv (AW) Jack Of Diamonds (IRE) 2/1
    Wolv (AW) Central City (IRE) 4/1

    08/09/2017 Ascot Speak In Colours (GB) 9/4
    Ascot Reverend Jacobs (GB) 8/13
    Hay Hyperfocus (IRE) 11/2
    Hay Major Pusey (GB) 7/2
    Hay Muntadab (IRE) 7/1
    Kemp (AW) Roaring Lion (IRE) 4/5
    Newc (AW) Breeze (IRE) 7/1
    Newc (AW) Codicil (GB) 9/4
    Newc (AW) Masquerade Bling (IRE) 7/1
    Newc (AW) Broctune Papa Gio (GB) 10/1
    Newc (AW) Nuns Walk (GB) 6/4

    07/09/2017 Hay Take Two (GB) 9/2
    Sals Al Jellaby (GB) 5/1
    Chel Fantasy Gladiator (GB) 5/2
    Chel Chocolate Box (IRE) 5/1

    06/09/2017 Chep Katheefa (USA) 9/4
    Kemp (AW) Chetan (GB) 2/1
    Kemp (AW) Ortiz (GB) 10/11
    Kemp (AW) Ventura Blues (IRE) 11/4
    Kemp (AW) Royal Reserve (GB) 11/4
    Ling Ragstone Road (IRE) 11/10

    05/09/2017 Ham London Glory (GB) 10/1
    Kemp (AW) Roman Spinner (GB) 5/1
    Kemp (AW) The Ginger Berry (GB) 10/1

    04/09/2017 Bri Wear It Well (GB) 8/1
    Bri Lady Morel (IRE) 13/2
    Rip Life For Rent (GB) 7/2
    Win Simpson (IRE) 9/4
    Win Oh It's Saucepot (GB) 3/1

    03/09/2017 Bri Ghepardo (GB) 13/2
    Bri Impressive Day (IRE) 8/1

    02/09/2017 Bev Equiano Springs (GB) 5/4
    Bev Rousayan (IRE) 11/2
    Chest Penwortham (IRE) 8/1
    Ham Breezolini (GB) 13/2
    Ham Whatsthemessage (IRE) 2/1
    Ham Magic Jazz (IRE) 7/2
    Sand Masar (IRE) 11/8
    Sand Aljazzi (GB) 9/2
    Sand Glorious Forever (GB) 4/1
    Chel King Of Swing (GB) 7/2
    Chel Cape Bunting (IRE) 2/1
    Chel Big Tour (IRE) 7/4
    Chel Blushing Rose (GB) 9/4

    01/09/2017 Sand Bathsheba Bay (IRE) 10/11
    Sand Archetype (FR) 13/2

    31/08/2017 Bath High Wells (GB) 7/1
    Bath Oeil De Tigre (FR) 13/2
    Muss Bonnie Arlene (IRE) 2/1
    Chel Chilean (GB) 11/4
    Chel Siege Of Boston (IRE) 9/2
    Chel The Juggler (GB) 7/4
    Chel Chilli Jam (GB) 4/1

    30/08/2017 Catt Cool Spirit (GB) 1/2
    Catt Spirit Of Zebedee (IRE) 9/2
    Catt Je Suis Charlie (GB) 4/1
    Kemp (AW) Mudallel (IRE) 2/1
    Kemp (AW) Pivoine (IRE) 7/2
    Kemp (AW) Percy's Word (GB) 3/1
    Kemp (AW) Inlawed (GB) 5/1
    Ling Ocean Temptress (GB) 7/2
    Ling Hermosa Vaquera (IRE) 2/1
    Muss Soldier's Minute (GB) 9/2
    Muss Alnasl (IRE) 7/2

    29/08/2017 Epsom Dourado (IRE) 6/4
    Rip Revived (GB) 6/5

    28/08/2017 Chep Show Of Force (GB) 11/4
    Chep Regimented (IRE) 11/8
    Epsom Deadly Accurate (GB) 9/2
    Epsom Seprani (GB) 7/1
    Epsom High End (GB) 11/8
    Epsom Fujaira Bridge (IRE) 11/2
    Rip Musical Terms (GB) 4/6
    South (AW) Royal Diplomat (IRE) 7/2
    South (AW) Lydiate Lady (GB) 8/1

    27/08/2017 Bev Rousayan (IRE) 2/1
    Bev Maori Bob (IRE) 6/4
    Good Dutch Connection (GB) 13/8
    Good Operative (GB) 15/8

    26/08/2017 Chest Barbarianatthegate (GB) 3/1
    Chest Guishan (GB) 25/1
    Chest Kenstone (FR) 15/2
    Chest Key Bid (GB) 4/1
    Good Billesdon Brook (GB) 4/1
    Good Mountain Hunter (USA) 9/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Musawaat (GB) 7/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Hochfeld (IRE) 9/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Gifted Master (IRE) 11/4
    Red Fyre Cay (IRE) 7/2
    Red Mon Beau Visage (IRE) 3/1
    Red Plage Depampelonne (GB) 6/1
    Win Lamya (GER) 6/4
    Win Sandy Shores (GB) 9/2

    25/08/2017 Ham Clon Coulis (IRE) 11/10
    Nmkt (Jul) Expressiy (FR) 11/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Vitamin (IRE) 5/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Whip Nae Nae (IRE) 6/1
    Sals Bambino Lola (GB) 9/4
    Sals Bengal Lancer (GB) 10/11
    Sals Brandon Castle (GB) 4/1
    York Mojito (IRE) 3/1
    Ffos Under The Covers (GB) 3/1

    24/08/2017 Chep Pattie (GB) 5/2
    Chep Topmeup (GB) 5/2
    Chep Seafarer (IRE) 100/30
    Ham Whatsthemessage (IRE) 7/1
  • Top 3 LTO Places
    23/09/2017 Catt Three Saints Bay (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Catt Undercover Brother (GB) 85/40 2nd
    Catt Je Suis Charlie (GB) 11/8 2nd
    Catt Bold Spirit (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Catt Redrosezorro (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Newb Sam Gold (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Newb Magnificent (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Newb Invincible Army (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Newb Fidaawy (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Newb Muthmir (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Newb Withhold (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Newb Weekender (GB) 13/8 2nd
    Nmkt Sheikha Reika (FR) 8/13 2nd
    Nmkt First Nation (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Nmkt Cribbs Causeway (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Nmkt Ninjago (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Swendab (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Opposition (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Showdance Kid (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Zilza (IRE) 7/1 3rd

    22/09/2017 Newb Mr Top Hat (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Newb Jack Crow (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Newb Foxtrot Lady (GB) 13/2 2nd
    Newb Red Roman (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Newb Accidental Agent (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Dun Alfredo Arcano (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Dun Shelbe (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Dun Border Prince (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Dun Konig Hall (GB) 17/2 2nd
    Dun Trump Card (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) On Fire (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Indian Warrior (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Vanity Queen (GB) 2/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Eltanin (IRE) 2/1 3rd

    21/09/2017 Pont Harrogate (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Pont Peterhouse (USA) 5/1 2nd
    Pont Transpennine Star (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Yarm Istanbul Sultan (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Yarm Flying Sparkle (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Yarm William Hunter (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Yarm Sea Tide (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Chel Rouge Nuage (IRE) 20/1 2nd
    Chel Yogiyogiyogi (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Chel Captain Hawk (GB) 10/1 4th
    Chel Fantasy Gladiator (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Chel Tommy's Secret (GB) 3/1 3rd

    20/09/2017 Bev Flo's Memory (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Bev Danehill Desert (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Bev Vera Drake (FR) 5/2 2nd
    Bev Palmer (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Bev Cosmic Dust (GB) 25/1 2nd
    Bev Catastrophe (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Sand Taajub (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Sand Larchmont Lad (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Sand Finale (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Sand Beatisa (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Yarm Dream Warrior (GB) Evens 3rd
    Yarm Dream Start (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Yarm High Hopes (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Yarm Stanhope (GB) 5/1 2nd

    19/09/2017 Chep Frolic (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Chep Natheer (USA) 7/2 3rd
    Chep W G Grace (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Chep Salt Whistle Bay (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Chep Mohsen (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Red Biddy Brady (USA) 4/1 2nd
    Red Placebo Effect (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Red Geoff Potts (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Red Essential (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Red Stanarley Pic (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Yarm Equilibrium (GB) 100/1 3rd
    Yarm Fortia (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Yarm Majorette (GB) 11/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Cape Peninsular (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Lord Kitten (USA) 11/4 3rd
    Newc (AW) Going Native (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Admiral Spice (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Lady In Question (IRE) 4/1 3rd

    18/09/2017 Bri Tojosimbre (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Bri Tifl (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Bri Whitecrest (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Bri Kilim (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Bri Break The Silence (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Bri The Big Short (GB) 13/8 2nd
    Car Desperados Destiny (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Car Leopard (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Car Book Of Dreams (IRE) 85/40 2nd
    Car Show Princess (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Car Flyboy (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Car Abushamah (IRE) 10/1 2nd

    17/09/2017 Bath Fleeting Glimpse (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Bath Time Medicean (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Bath Pixeleen (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Ffos Christopher Wood (IRE) 1/2 2nd
    Ffos The Groove (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Ffos The Bear Can Fly (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Ffos Champagne Champ (GB) 7/2 2nd

    16/09/2017 Chest Desert Ace (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Chest Marsh Pride (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Donc Lexington Abbey (GB) 10/1 4th
    Donc Home Of The Brave (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Donc Stradivarius (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Donc You're Fired (IRE) 25/1 3rd
    Donc Battered (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Donc Amazing Red (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Ling Ejayteekay (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Ling Perla Blanca (USA) 3/1 2nd
    Ling Lady Of Aran (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Ling Mutawathea (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Ling Beck And Call (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Ling Hajjam (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Muss Invermere (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Muss Dominating (GER) 5/1 2nd
    Muss Red Forever (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Muss Champion Harbour (IRE) 5/2 2nd

    15/09/2017 Chest Manor Park (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Chest Magnus (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Chest Penwortham (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Donc Tigre Du Terre (FR) 15/8 2nd
    Donc Eternally (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Donc Tomyris (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Donc Havana Grey (GB) Evens 2nd
    Donc May Girl (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Donc Thomas Hobson (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Donc Sha La La La Lee (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Donc Muntadab (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Sals Deyaarna (USA) 7/4 2nd
    Sals Westbrook Bertie (GB) 33/1 3rd
    Sals Ajman King (IRE) 8/11 2nd
    Sand Time For Wine (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Sand Wafeer (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Sand Merdon Castle (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Sand Cassini (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Sand Almoreb (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Sand Sharja Bridge (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Sand Snow Squaw (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Sand Sparte Quercus (IRE) 7/2 2nd

    14/09/2017 Chep Polly's Gold (IRE) 5/4 3rd
    Chep Beyond Equal (GB) 33/1 2nd
    Chep Global Exceed (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Chep Cove Beach (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Chep Tony Soprano (IRE) 5/2 3rd
    Chep Dark Blue (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Chep Turnbury (GB) 33/1 3rd
    Donc Paddy Power (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Donc Nyaleti (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Epsom Hateya (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Epsom King Of The Sand (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Epsom Traveller (FR) 5/1 2nd
    Epsom Masarzain (IRE) 2/1 2nd

    13/09/2017 Car Diamond Dougal (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Car Mohab (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Car Reinforced (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Car Tyrolean (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Donc Crownthorpe (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Donc Razzmatazz (GB) 33/1 2nd
    Donc Bengal Lancer (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Donc Muatadel (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Mishaal (IRE) 11/8 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Revenge (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Panophobia (GB) 17/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Symbol (GB) 30/100 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Sussex Ranger (USA) 3/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Master Archer (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Sputnik Planum (USA) 9/1 2nd

    12/09/2017 Catt Charnock Richard (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Catt Mr Sundowner (USA) 5/1 2nd
    Catt Steccando (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Catt Tai Sing Yeh (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Catt Spirit Of Zebedee (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Leic Tivoli (IRE) 6/4 3rd
    Leic Grimeford Lane (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Leic Inflexiball (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Archie Perkins (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Highland Bobby (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Foxy Lady (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Sharp Reminder (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Joys Delight (GB) 11/10 2nd

    11/09/2017 Bri Monteamiata (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Bri Black Caesar (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Bri World Record (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Bri Port Lairge (GB) 10/1 3rd

    10/09/2017 York Roll On Rory (GB) 7/1 2nd
    York Save The Bees (GB) 14/1 2nd
    York Ayutthaya (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    York Dakota Gold (GB) 5/2 2nd

    09/09/2017 Ascot Mjjack (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Ascot Havre De Paix (FR) 11/4 2nd
    Ascot Agar's Plough (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Ascot Gulliver (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Ascot Robot Boy (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Hay Empress Ali (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Hay Confessional (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Hay Morando (FR) 9/2 3rd
    Hay Jaameh (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Hay Time To Study (FR) 11/2 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Ventura Blues (IRE) 6/1 4th
    Kemp (AW) Corinthia Knight (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Thir Travelcard (USA) 2/1 3rd
    Thir Qianlong (GB) 6/4 2nd
    Thir Mountain Angel (IRE) Evens 2nd
    Thir Swaheen (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Solent Meads (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Know Your Name (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Sir Gnet (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Midsummer Knight (GB) 5/2 2nd

    08/09/2017 Ascot Scenery (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Ascot Archie McKellar (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Ascot Alqamar (GB) 10/11 2nd
    Hay Forever In Love (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Hay Rasheeq (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Hay Calder Prince (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Hay Astute Boy (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Mishaal (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Age Of Wisdom (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Muss Oswald (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Muss Rosemay (FR) 9/2 3rd
    Muss High Wells (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Muss Canny Style (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Muss Thornaby Princess (GB) 18/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Saisons D'Or (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Chief Justice (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Shine Baby Shine (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Newc (AW) Weellan (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Seebring (IRE) 16/1 3rd

    07/09/2017 Hay Global Conqueror (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Hay Ghostwatch (IRE) 4/6 3rd
    Hay Trilliant (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Hay Yattwee (USA) 4/1 2nd
    Hay Azari (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Sals Yaafour (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Sals Fille De Reve (GB) 5/4 3rd
    Sals Blanchefleur (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Sals Goodnight Girl (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Sals Special Purpose (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Sals Kassia (IRE) 15/1 2nd
    Sals Rely On Me (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Sals Uber Cool (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Chel Gold Filigree (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Dream Of Delphi (IRE) Evens 2nd
    Chel La Isla Bonita (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Ice Dancing (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Chel Renfrew Street (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Chel Dream Start (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Chel Munthany (USA) 4/1 3rd

    06/09/2017 Chep Kaaba Stone (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Chep Cherished (IRE) 13/2 2nd
    Chep Zipedeedodah (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Chep Angelical (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Chep Starshell (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Chep Mirimar (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Magic Mirror (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Data Protection (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Ray Purchase (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Iconic Knight (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Tamih (IRE) Evens 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Narjes (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Solo Mission (GB) 6/5 2nd
    Kemp (AW) General Allenby (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Ling Bizet (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Ling Kodiac Express (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Ling Manthoor (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Ling Jupiter (GB) 5/1 3rd

    05/09/2017 Good Hats Off To Larry (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Good Richenza (FR) 8/1 2nd
    Good Rasima (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Good Ship Of The Fen (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Good Shania Says (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Good Golden Salute (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Good Aurora Gray (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Ham Greenview Paradise (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Ham Avenue Of Stars (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Falbon (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Noble Masterpiece (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Velvet Revolution (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Miracle Garden (GB) 5/1 3rd

    04/09/2017 Bri Daybreak (GB) 1/2 2nd
    Bri Chough (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Bri De Vegas Kid (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Bri Miss Icon (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Rip Harrogate (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Rip Redicean (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Rip Gakku (GB) 1/3 2nd
    Win Lester Kris (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Win Broughtons Knight (GB) 5/1 3rd

    03/09/2017 Bri Episcia (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Bri Myboyhenry (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Bri Everkyllachy (IRE) 10/1 3rd

    02/09/2017 Bev Point Of Woods (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Bev Sandra's Secret (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Bev Tallinski (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Bev Appointed (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Bev Roll On Rory (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Chest Spring Loaded (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Chest Yogi's Girl (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Chest Mayyasah (USA) 6/4 2nd
    Chest Liberatum (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Chest Angel Gabrial (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Chest Arthur Mc Bride (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Ham Knockamany Bends (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Ham Isabella (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Ham Camacho Chief (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Sand Bahamian Sunrise (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Sand Super Julius (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Sand Nathra (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Sand Monarchs Glen (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Sand Cheeky Rascal (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Sand Exceeding Power (GB) 11/1 2nd
    Sand Grand Inquisitor (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Chel Jumping Around (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Chel Characterized (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Chel Algam (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Chel Westerland (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Chel Mazzini (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Chel Summer Chorus (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Chel Ickymasho (GB) 6/1 2nd

    01/09/2017 Sand John Joiner (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Sand Breath Caught (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Sand High Acclaim (USA) 16/1 3rd
    Sand Helfire (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Sand Golden Wolf (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Thir French Flyer (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Thir Breathable (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Thir Red Pike (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Thir Dreaming Time (GB) 11/1 3rd

    31/08/2017 Bath Pastoral Music (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Bath Affair (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Bath Chalky (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Muss Burnieboozle (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Muss Here In The Dark (GB) 15/2 3rd
    Muss Peach Melba (GB) 13/8 2nd
    Muss Hadley (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Best Example (USA) 5/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Military Parade (GB) 8/13 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Laura Knight (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Newstead Abbey (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Florencio (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Robbie Roo Roo (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Chel Omeros (GB) 2/1 3rd
    Chel Bumptious (GB) 25/1 2nd
    Chel Murdanova (IRE) 33/1 3rd
    Chel Just Fab (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Chel Stanley (GB) 7/2 3rd

    30/08/2017 Catt Feebs (GB) 50/1 3rd
    Catt Magical Effect (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Catt Lagenda (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Catt Melaniemillie (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Catt Bold Spirit (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Catt Landing Night (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Harmonica (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Rainbow Rising (FR) 10/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Nadaitak (GB) 6/5 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Vote (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) See You Mush (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Ling Mouchee (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Muss Vj Day (USA) 3/1 3rd
    Muss Jonny Delta (GB) 9/2 2nd

    29/08/2017 Car Lucky Lucky Man (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Car Havana Mariposa (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Car Semana Santa (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Car Pretty Jewel (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Car Penny Pot Lane (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Car Thorntoun Care (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Epsom I'm A Star (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Epsom Maraakib (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Epsom Right Action (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Rip Deviate (IRE) 20/1 2nd
    Rip Mulligatawny (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Rip La Fritillaire (GB) 7/1 3rd

    28/08/2017 Chep Wahaab (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Chep Barista (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Chep Fusion Central (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Chep Double Reflection (GB) 6/4 3rd
    Chep Dream Farr (IRE) Evens 2nd
    Chep Arty Campbell (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Chep Medburn Cutler (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Epsom Powerful Society (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Epsom Love On The Rocks (IRE) 13/2 2nd
    Epsom Thames Knight (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Epsom Hollywood Road (IRE) 100/30 3rd
    Epsom Mount Logan (IRE) 11/10 2nd
    Epsom Count Calabash (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Epsom Lord Clenaghcastle (IRE) 5/4 2nd
    Rip Plansina (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Rip Harome (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Rip Sfumato (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Rip All For Nothing (IRE) 11/8 2nd
    South (AW) Skyva (GB) 9/1 3rd
    South (AW) Interlink (USA) 11/2 2nd
    South (AW) Breaking Free (GB) 15/2 2nd
    South (AW) Break The Silence (GB) 8/1 3rd
    South (AW) Esspeegee (GB) 13/2 3rd

    27/08/2017 Bev Book Of Dreams (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Bev The Night Before (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Good Lucifugous (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Good Macaque (GB) 11/8 2nd
    Good Emenem (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Good Stanley (GER) 5/1 3rd
    Yarm Foxtrot Lady (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Yarm Another Eclipse (IRE) 2/1 3rd

    26/08/2017 Chest Normandy Blue (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Chest Quick Look (GB) 11/1 3rd
    Good Polly's Gold (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Good Whitefountainfairy (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Good Zonderland (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Good Count Octave (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Good Koeman (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Rockies Spirit (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Tadleel (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Ariena (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Plant Pot Power (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Steady Pace (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Jule In The Crown (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Red Mistress Of Venice (GB) Evens 2nd
    Red Elysee Star (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Red Clenymistra (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Red Thorntoun Lady (USA) 40/1 4th
    Red Someone Exciting (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Win Tiepolo (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Win Spark Plug (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Win Field Of Vision (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    York Here And Now (GB) 16/1 3rd
    York Invincible Army (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    York Arch Villain (IRE) 50/1 4th
    York Abel Handy (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    York Dark Red (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    York Evergate (GB) 10/1 3rd

    25/08/2017 Good Adams Park (GB) 2/1 3rd
    Good Kitaabaat (GB) 6/4 2nd
    Good Simply Breathless (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Good Tig Tog (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Good Another Boy (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Good Sheikspear (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Ham Havana Star (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Ham I'm Improving (IRE) 13/8 3rd
    Ham Donnachies Girl (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Ham Perfect Words (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Tivoli (IRE) 5/6 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Blanchefleur (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Ziarah (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Rumpole (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Power Of Darkness (GB) 18/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Melinoe (GB) 15/8 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Stanhope (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Sals McDelta (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Sals Bombastic (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Sals The Twisler (GB) 3/1 3rd
    York Erik The Red (FR) 6/1 3rd
    York Dartmouth (GB) 11/4 2nd
    York Lady Aurelia (USA) 10/11 2nd
    York Battered (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Ffos Tunes Of Glory (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Ffos Yorbelucky (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Ffos Assertor (GB) 50/1 3rd

    24/08/2017 Chep Whiteley (IRE) 5/2 3rd
    Chep Here's Two (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Chep Imperial Link (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Chep Royal Melody (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Chep Balkinstown (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Ham Kirbec (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Ham Dirchill (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Ham To Dibba (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Ham Paddy's Rock (IRE) 11/1 2nd
    York Great Prospector (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    York Madeline (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    York Baraweez (IRE) 20/1 4th
    York Coronet (GB) 16/1 2nd

Welcome to Racing Buzz

We provide speed ratings for UK flat horse racing. By using our speed ratings to measure a horse's past performance we can highlight the primary horse racing form factors - speed and fitness.

Horse Racing Speed Ratings are a numerical representation of how fast a horse has run in a race. These speed figures are used as a basis to judge a horse's competitive ability. Analysing a horse's race form can be a time consuming and difficult task. Our database puts years of horse racing data at your finger tips, giving you a unique insight lacking in traditional form ratings or guides, laid out in a straight forward user friendly manner allowing you to get to the crucial information quickly and easily without having to download software and constant updates.

Check out our about page to see how we put together our speed ratings. Then take a look at our examples to see how we display our information.

Speed Ratings features

For every UK flat race meeting we show:-

Race Cards showing the race details including Horse, draw, weight, official rating, jockey and trainer along with minimum, maximum and average speed ratings as well as the 5 most recent speed ratings the horse have achieved. Now available in PDF and CSV downloads. Work with the cards in your favourite spreadsheet application or print them and take them with you.

Draw Statistics showing the number of 1sts, 2nds and 3rds for each draw number over the last 3 years. We also present the draw stats in a graph giving a quick visual analysis of any draw advantage.

Jockey and Trainer course statistics for the last 3 years.

Jockey and Trainer Recent Form showing the number of runs, wins and places with percentages for each jockey and trainer in the race

Head to Head details of previous meetings between horses showing where, when and who beat who.

Our comprehensive Form Search allows you to search and filter years of data to profile races, jockeys and trainers or assess ante post runners. We show every horse, jockey, trainer and course that has raced in the UK in the last 5 years.


Just relying on your ratings is freeing up so much time. Looking at the obvious ones and letting the ratings speak for themselves is a lot easier than going through every race with a fine tooth comb. If I don't agree with one then onto the next race. Handy checking up with the filters at the course and the draw stats, both are excellent tools.
Craig - Blackpool

First winner at Wolverhampton..first two at Brighton..first winner at Ayr yesterday. I BACKED 15 WINNERS in the day and evening.( most down to Racing Buzz. ).How do we get better than this .( Smile)..........Well done Racing Buzz I have backed 10 winners using your ratings today and 15 winners yesterday.
Tom - Cheshire

I just wanted to say that I have been using your ratings for the past 10 days and so far I have found them very useful. I wish I had subscribed sooner. Thanks.
Simon - Suffolk

I been testing for a week now and I'm very impressed with it. I will take out a monthly subscription tomorrow. It was nice to find a speed rating that more or less only uses raw figures with that I mean leave the weight most others are incorporating in there ratings....... Just like to show you some testing I been doing after I start using your speed ratings. Have to say I'm very happy with it even its only around 100 bets. The more I use your ratings the more it impresses me.
Petter - Örebro Sweden

I have to say using your ratings my betting has progressed quite considerably.
David - Leeds

I've had some great winners from the ratings recently. I have a good deal of confidence in the figures when the conditions are right. Many thanks!
John - slough