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  • Top rated LTO Winners
    21/07/2017 Hay Foxy Forever (IRE) 5/1
    Newb Mildenberger (GB) 4/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Glenys The Menace (FR) 3/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Quivery (USA) 8/11
    Nott Seeking Magic (GB) 5/1
    Pont Mancini (GB) 4/9

    20/07/2017 Chep Demons Rock (IRE) 9/4
    Chep She Believes (IRE) 11/4
    Donc Firefright (IRE) 5/4
    Donc Ingleby Mackenzie (GB) 15/8
    Epsom Doublet (IRE) 100/30
    Epsom Thundering Blue (USA) 9/4
    Ham Jive Lady (IRE) 2/1
    Ham Kodimoor (IRE) 9/2
    Ham Mohab (GB) 6/1
    Leic Calibration (IRE) 4/5
    Leic Daira Prince (IRE) 11/10
    Leic Cheerfilly (IRE) 9/4
    Leic Ventura Knight (IRE) 8/15

    19/07/2017 Catt Khitaamy (IRE) 6/5
    Ling (AW) Ask The Guru (GB) 7/2
    Ling (AW) Seprani (GB) 3/1
    Ling So Sleek (GB) 11/4
    Sand Make Time (IRE) 11/10
    Sand Padrinho (IRE) 6/1
    Yarm Hart Stopper (GB) 6/4
    Yarm Yorkshire Rover (GB) 5/1
    Yarm Cool Breeze (IRE) 7/2

    18/07/2017 Bath Aquadabra (IRE) 5/2
    Bath Archimedes (IRE) 15/8
    Bath Imphal (GB) 4/6
    Thir Nag's Wag (IRE) 11/4
    Thir Vercingetorix (IRE) 3/1
    Thir Breanski (GB) 13/8

    17/07/2017 Ayr Be Kool (IRE) 5/4
    Win Love On The Rocks (IRE) 7/1
    Wolv (AW) Amazing Alice (GB) 5/6
    Wolv (AW) Fools And Kings (GB) 10/1

    15/07/2017 Ascot Laraaib (IRE) 2/1
    Ascot Mutakayyef (GB) 4/7
    Chest Boundsy (IRE) 5/1
    Chest Storm King (GB) 12/1
    Ham Camacho Chief (IRE) 11/4
    Ham Dutch Dream (GB) 9/2
    Ham Archi's Affaire (GB) 2/1

    14/07/2017 Ascot Lethal Lunch (GB) 20/1
    Ascot Fire Tree (IRE) 5/2
    Car Ingenuity (GB) 3/1
    Car Thorntoun Care (GB) 11/4
    Chep Listen Alexander (IRE) 11/4
    Muss Chemical Charge (IRE) 5/6
    Nmkt (Jul) Parfait (IRE) 5/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Marzouq (USA) 6/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Being There (FR) 11/10
    York One Minute (IRE) 11/10

    13/07/2017 Car Poetic Steps (FR) 11/8
    Donc Wordiness (GB) 5/1
    Donc James Garfield (IRE) 1/3
    Epsom Tapis Libre (GB) 7/4
    Epsom Berrahri (IRE) 11/8
    Newb Luis Fernandez (USA) 11/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Shamshon (IRE) 7/1

    12/07/2017 Bath Henryhudsonbridge (USA) 8/1
    Catt Our Charlie Brown (GB) 7/2
    Kemp (AW) Maakaasib (GB) 7/2
    Ling One For June (IRE) 1/2
    Yarm Cool Team (IRE) 6/4
    Dun Dilmun (USA) 6/4
    Dun Moviesta (USA) 11/4
    Dun Diodorus (IRE) 4/9

    11/07/2017 Bri Wild Flower (IRE) 6/4
    Bri Delfie Lane (GB) 6/3
    Pont Sheepscar Lad (IRE) 5/4
    Pont Edgar Allan Poe (IRE) 15/8
    Wolv (AW) Glittering Jewel (USA) 1/9

    10/07/2017 Ayr Another Batt (IRE) 5/6
    Win Russian Reward (IRE) 15/2
    Win Big Tour (IRE) 5/4

    09/07/2017 Ayr Pouvoir Magique (FR) 1/12
    Ayr Komodo (IRE) 2/1

    08/07/2017 Bev Stanghow (GB) 8/1
    Bev Jive Talking (IRE) 5/4
    Car Natajack (GB) 9/4
    Car Nadaitak (GB) 5/4
    Nott Mrs Gallagher (GB) 2/5
    Nott Falak (IRE) 11/10
    Nott Aelius (GB) 7/1

    07/07/2017 Bev Vaulted (GB) 100/30
    Bev Dandilion (IRE) 6/1
    Donc Pleasant Surprise (IRE) 2/1
    Donc Justice Lady (IRE) 15/8
    Hay Teodoro (IRE) 3/1
    Sand Petrus (IRE) 100/30

    06/07/2017 Epsom Star Of Lombardy (IRE) 7/2
    Epsom Ashpan Sam (GB) 8/1
    Newb Major Peirson (IRE) 9/1
    Yarm Turning Gold (GB) 2/1
    Yarm Shining Romeo (GB) 10/11

    05/07/2017 Bath I'Vegotthepower (IRE) 5/2
    Kemp (AW) Billesdon Brook (GB) 8/15
    Kemp (AW) Erinyes (IRE) 13/2
    Kemp (AW) Gibbs Hill (GER) 10/11
    Kemp (AW) Comprise (GB) 7/2
    Kemp (AW) Mr Minerals (GB) 2/1
    Thir Rockies Spirit (GB) 3/1
    Thir Original Choice (IRE) 5/4

    04/07/2017 Bri Another Eclipse (IRE) 2/5
    Bri Dove Mountain (IRE) 3/1
    Bri Super Julius (GB) 5/4
    Chep Barraquero (IRE) 7/4
    Ham Starplex (GB) 7/1
    Ham Davy's Dilemma (GB) 9/5
    Ham Wee Jock (IRE) 11/10

    03/07/2017 Ham Kalagia (IRE) 2/1
    Ham Qaviy Cash (GB) 13/8
    Pont Zaman (GB) 15/8
    Pont Breakwater Bay (IRE) 9/2
    Pont Destroyer (GB) 11/4
    Win Asaas (USA) 5/4
    Wolv (AW) Winston C (IRE) 5/2

    02/07/2017 Win Mister Blue Sky (IRE) 9/2
    Win Whispering Bell (IRE) 7/4
    Win Tahoo (IRE) 3/1

    01/07/2017 Chest Reflektor (IRE) 11/2
    Donc Justanotherbottle (IRE) 6/4
    Ling Come On Dave (IRE) 6/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Lord Yeats (GB) 9/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Home Of The Brave (IRE) 13/8
    Nmkt (Jul) Tadleel (GB) 5/2
    York Sainted (GB) 11/10
    York Jacbequick (GB) 7/1
    Newc (AW) Haddaf (IRE) 2/5

    30/06/2017 Chest Titi Makfi (GB) 7/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Oriental Song (IRE) 13/8
    Nmkt (Jul) Raven's Lady (GB) 6/4
    Yarm Wadood (IRE) 4/1

    29/06/2017 Ham Donnachies Girl (IRE) 5/2
    Ham Quayside (GB) 9/4
    Nott Holy Tiber (IRE) 10/11
    Nott Miningrocks (FR) 4/6
    Newc (AW) Curiosity (IRE) 5/6
    Newc (AW) War Department (IRE) 3/1

    28/06/2017 Bath Mraseel (IRE) 9/4

    27/06/2017 Bev Foxy Boy (GB) 5/4
    Bri Tempuran (GB) 6/1
    Leic Hope Against Hope (IRE) 7/1

    26/06/2017 Chep Carol (IRE) 11/8
    Win Plutonian (IRE) 3/1
    Win Wefait (IRE) 5/1
    Win Zavikon (GB) 5/2
    Wolv (AW) Super Julius (GB) 3/1
    Wolv (AW) Zebelini (IRE) 8/1

    25/06/2017 Pont Footsteps Forever (IRE) 3/1
    Pont Cape Coast (GB) 1/3
    Pont Pattie (GB) 7/4

    24/06/2017 Ayr Nicholas T (GB) 100/30
    Hay Mabs Cross (GB) 10/11
    Hay Ray's The Money (IRE) 5/1
    Hay Najashee (IRE) 8/11
    Ling Lady Of York (GB) 5/1
    Ling Plymouth Sound (GB) 5/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Pumblechook (GB) Evens
    Nmkt (Jul) Queen In Waiting (IRE) 2/1
    Red Peace Dreamer (IRE) 2/1

    23/06/2017 Bath Jersey Breeze (IRE) 7/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Trulee Scrumptious (GB) 7/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Weekender (GB) 5/4
    Nmkt (Jul) Invincible Army (IRE) 8/13
    Nmkt (Jul) Yaarmen (USA) 9/2
    Red Northwest Frontier (IRE) 4/6
    Red Flawlessly (FR) 11/8

    22/06/2017 Ascot Atty Persse (IRE) 7/1
    Ling (AW) Nag's Wag (IRE) 8/11
    Ling (AW) Staffa (IRE) 7/2
    Ling (AW) Helfire (GB) 11/8
    Ling (AW) Debonaire David (GB) 11/10
    Ling (AW) Cribbs Causeway (IRE) Evens
    Rip Cosmic Ray (GB) 13/8
    Chel Graceful Lady (GB) 3/1
    Chel Saved My Bacon (IRE) 9/2

    21/06/2017 Rip Silver Starlight (GB) 9/1
    Chel Angrywhitepyjamas (IRE) 100/30
    Chel Encore D'Or (GB) 11/4
    Chel Summerghand (IRE) 7/2
  • 2nd and 3rd rated LTO Winners
    21/07/2017 Ham Hernando Torres (GB) 5/2
    Ham Han Solo Berger (IRE) 15/8
    Ham Regal Mirage (IRE) 5/2
    Newb Stage Magic (IRE) 8/11
    Newb Madeline (IRE) 13/8
    Newb World Power (IRE) 7/1
    Nott Zumran (GB) 6/4
    Pont Danzan (IRE) 7/1
    Pont Avon Breeze (GB) 9/2

    20/07/2017 Chep Tobouggaloo (GB) 10/11
    Epsom Frank Bridge (GB) 5/2
    Epsom Ya Jammeel (GB) 11/4
    Ham Yes You (IRE) 3/1

    19/07/2017 Catt Reflect Alexander (IRE) 4/5
    Catt Three Duchesses (GB) Evens
    Catt Meshardal (GER) 3/1
    Catt Swansway (GB) 4/1
    Ling (AW) Travelcard (USA) 11/4
    Sand Finsbury Park (GB) 10/1
    Sand Harba (IRE) 2/1
    Sand Eynhallow (GB) 13/8

    18/07/2017 Bath Coronation Cottage (GB) 5/2
    Bev Corpus Chorister (FR) 5/2

    17/07/2017 Ayr Poet's Prince (GB) 2/1
    Ayr Sea Of Green (GB) 9/2
    Ayr Lucent Dream (IRE) 7/4
    Ayr Royal Shaheen (FR) 9/4
    Win Celebration Day (IRE) 5/2
    Wolv (AW) Phalaborwa (GB) 8/1
    Ffos Major Valentine (GB) 2/1
    Ffos Nabhan (GB) 6/1
    Ffos Captain Sedgwick (IRE) 7/1

    15/07/2017 Ascot Danzeno (GB) 4/1
    Ascot Mittens (GB) 3/1
    Ascot Cricklewood Green (USA) 8/1
    Chest The Wagon Wheel (IRE) 10/1
    Chest Viscount Barfield (IRE) 20/1
    Ham Manshood (IRE) 3/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Inshiraah (FR) 7/1
    Sals Koeman (GB) 11/2
    York Ballet Concerto (GB) 8/1
    York Ulshaw Bridge (IRE) 12/1
    York Take Cover (GB) 9/2

    14/07/2017 Ascot Mount Moriah (GB) 6/4
    Ascot Dawn Horizons (GB) 7/2
    Ascot Lightning Charlie (GB) 16/1
    Ascot Addeybb (IRE) 3/1
    Chep Swilly Sunset (GB) 5/4
    Muss Cape Bunting (IRE) 5/6
    Muss Silvanus (IRE) 8/1
    Muss Manomine (GB) 5/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Roly Poly (USA) 6/4

    13/07/2017 Car Kynren (IRE) 4/5
    Car El Hombre (GB) 6/4
    Donc Tribute Act (GB) Evens
    Donc Just Us Two (IRE) 5/1
    Donc Acadian Angel (IRE) 7/4
    Epsom Highland Acclaim (IRE) 3/1

    12/07/2017 Catt Carlovian (GB) 11/4
    Ling Firenze Rosa (IRE) 11/2
    Yarm Turning Gold (GB) 4/7
    Dun All Body And Soul (GB) 4/1

    11/07/2017 Bri Wildnightinvegas (IRE) 7/1
    Bri Tigerfish (IRE) 9/2
    Pont Mysterial (GB) 12/1
    Wolv (AW) Mrs Teasdale (GB) 4/1

    10/07/2017 Ayr Dark Defender (GB) 15/2
    Ayr Glenbank King (IRE) 50/1
    Ayr Le Chat D'Or (GB) 8/1
    Rip Sands Chorus (GB) 13/8
    Rip Kody Ridge (IRE) 12/1
    Win Kiruna Peak (IRE) 11/4

    09/07/2017 Ayr Zodiakos (IRE) 15/2

    08/07/2017 Bev Alfa McGuire (IRE) 15/2
    Bev Talent Scout (IRE) 7/1
    Car Im Dapper Too (GB) 3/1
    Hay Excellent Sounds (GB) 9/1
    Leic Milton Road (GB) 4/5
    Leic Lady Bergamot (FR) 3/1
    Sand Battaash (IRE) 5/2

    07/07/2017 Bev Iberica Road (USA) 7/2
    Bev Wirral Girl (IRE) 3/1
    Sand Imperial State (GB) 5/2
    Chel Watheer (GB) 11/10
    Chel Cainhoe Star (GB) Evens
    Chel Labhay (IRE) 8/1

    06/07/2017 Epsom Silver Ghost (IRE) 6/4
    Hay Our Man In Havana (GB) 2/1
    Hay Groupie (GB) 12/1
    Newb Madame Bounty (IRE) 4/1
    Newb Monsieur Glory (GB) 7/4
    Yarm Hey Gaman (GB) Evens

    05/07/2017 Bath Connery (IRE) 13/8
    Bath Fanfair (GB) 11/4
    Bath Plato's Kode (IRE) 2/1
    Kemp (AW) Clowance One (GB) 5/4
    Thir Give Em A Clump (IRE) 11/10
    Thir Mango Chutney (GB) 7/2

    04/07/2017 Chep Champagne Bob (GB) 4/1
    Chep Ya Jammeel (GB) 15/8
    Ham Edgar Allan Poe (IRE) 15/2

    03/07/2017 Ham Company Asset (IRE) 9/4
    Pont Exclusive Waters (IRE) 33/1
    Win Castellated (GB) 11/4
    Wolv (AW) Debonaire David (GB) 9/4
    Wolv (AW) Global Humor (USA) 5/4

    02/07/2017 Win Lahore (USA) 13/8

    01/07/2017 Chest Flourishing (GB) 7/2
    Chest Billy Dylan (IRE) 11/4
    Chest Hochfeld (IRE) 3/1
    Chest Zenafire (GB) 7/2
    Donc Art Echo (GB) 9/2
    Ling Pondering (GB) 7/1
    Ling Star Maker (GB) 7/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Melodic Motion (IRE) 5/2
    Win Grand Koonta (IRE) 1/2
    Win King Bolete (IRE) 7/2
    York Defoe (IRE) 5/2
    York Just Hiss (GB) 8/1
    Newc (AW) Unabated (IRE) 13/2

    30/06/2017 Chest Alifax (GB) 2/1
    Donc Eirene (GB) 5/2
    Donc Learn By Heart (GB) 4/7
    Donc Flood Defence (IRE) 5/1
    Donc Century Dream (IRE) 2/1
    Donc Great White Shark (FR) 8/1
    Donc Injam (IRE) 4/1
    Donc Zumran (GB) 5/1
    Nmkt (Jul) Angel Down (GB) 13/2
    Nmkt (Jul) Joshua Reynolds (GB) 9/2
    Yarm Cribbs Causeway (IRE) Evens
    Yarm Cainhoe Star (GB) 11/8
    Newc (AW) Intense Romance (IRE) 5/2
    Newc (AW) Line Of Reason (IRE) 9/1

    29/06/2017 Newb Reckless Wave (IRE) 11/2
    Nott Zabeel Prince (IRE) 11/8

    28/06/2017 Bath Pixeleen (GB) 6/5
    Kemp (AW) Golly Miss Molly (GB) 7/1
    Sals Swashbuckle (GB) 5/1
    Sals See Of Rome (GB) 6/4

    27/06/2017 Bev Talent Scout (IRE) 18/1
    Bev Katebird (IRE) 2/1
    Bev Metronomic (IRE) 7/2
    Bri Av A Word (GB) 2/1
    Leic Shining Romeo (GB) 9/4
    Leic Love Oasis (GB) 3/1

    26/06/2017 Chep Chicago Star (GB) 7/2
    Win Sir Plato (IRE) 7/2
    Wolv (AW) Viewpoint (IRE) 6/4
    Wolv (AW) Followthesteps (IRE) 7/1

    25/06/2017 Pont Abingdon (USA) Evens

    24/06/2017 Ling Dealer's Choice (IRE) 4/6
    Nmkt (Jul) Ghadaayer (IRE) 11/4
    Red Adrakhan (FR) 13/2
    Red Nonno Giulio (IRE) 6/1
    Red Foxy Boy (GB) 7/1

    23/06/2017 Ayr Gworn (GB) 5/1
    Ayr Lamloom (IRE) 2/1
    Ayr Dark Profit (IRE) 7/2
    Bath Light Of Joy (USA) 9/4
    Bath Dreamboat Annie (GB) 8/1
    Bath Imphal (GB) 5/2

    22/06/2017 Ascot Benbatl (GB) 9/2
    Ascot Big Orange (GB) 5/1
    Rip Tatlisu (IRE) 8/11
    Rip Mr Wagyu (IRE) 7/1
    Chel Amazing Alice (GB) 8/1
    Chel Distant (USA) 4/6

    21/06/2017 Ascot Heartache (GB) 5/1
    Ascot Highland Reel (IRE) 9/4
    Ham Parys Mountain (IRE) 9/4
    Rip Euro Nightmare (IRE) 6/4
    Rip Theos Lolly (IRE) 7/4
    Rip Don Valentino (IRE) 11/4
  • Top 3 LTO Places
    21/07/2017 Ham Frankuus (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Ham Falcon's Fire (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Ham Archipeligo (GB) 100/30 2nd
    Newb Al Jellaby (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Newb Albishr (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Newb Aurora Gray (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Newb Sheikspear (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Newb Dance Teacher (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Safira Menina (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Angel Down (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Monsieur Joe (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Awfaa (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Nott Fantasy Keeper (GB) 11/10 2nd
    Nott Mahabba (IRE) 15/8 3rd
    Nott Beverley Bullet (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Nott Heart Of Gold (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Pont Powerallied (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Pont Akkadian Empire (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Pont Perfect Symphony (IRE) 6/1 2nd

    20/07/2017 Chep Kimifive (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Chep Magic Journey (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Chep Morache Music (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Chep Farleigh Mac (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Chep Lucky Clover (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Chep David's Beauty (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Donc Divine Intuition (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Donc Redgrave (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Epsom Handytalk (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Epsom Really Super (GB) 15/8 2nd
    Epsom First Up (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Ham Camanche Grey (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Ham Pioneering (IRE) 15/8 2nd
    Ham Stardrifter (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Ham Catastrophe (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Leic Supreme Power (IRE) 7/4 2nd

    19/07/2017 Catt Manatee Bay (GB) 13/8 3rd
    Catt Cool Music (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Catt Dandys Denouement (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Catt Tonto's Spirit (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Misty Spirit (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Baby Gal (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Ling Nathalie (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Ling Live Dangerously (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Ling Zorba The Greek (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Ling Theglasgowwarrior (GB) 9/4 3rd
    Sand Macaque (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Sand Dragon Dream (IRE) 20/1 3rd
    Yarm In Ken's Memory (GB) 5/1 2nd

    18/07/2017 Bath Island Cloud (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Bath Ivy Leaguer (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Bath Arzaak (IRE) 14/1 2nd
    Bev Tember (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Bev Johni Boxit (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Bev Curzon (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Bev Wensley (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Bev Keepup Kevin (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Bev Mon Beau Visage (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Bev Clenymistra (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Bev Royal Reserve (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Thir Spinnaka (IRE) 4/6 2nd
    Thir Infamous Lawman (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Thir Semana Santa (GB) 2/1 2nd

    17/07/2017 Ayr French Flyer (IRE) 5/4 3rd
    Ayr Truth Or Dare (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Win Rock On Dandy (FR) 9/1 2nd
    Win Secret Soul (GB) 9/4 3rd
    Win Expecting (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Win Running Cloud (IRE) 11/10 3rd
    Win Hollywood Road (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Arcadian Sea (IRE) 15/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Yasir (USA) 13/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Josh The Plod (IRE) 25/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Life Of Luxury (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) The Amber Fort (USA) 5/2 3rd
    Ffos Waqt (IRE) 6/5 2nd
    Ffos African Beat (IRE) 7/4 3rd
    Ffos Mowhoob (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Ffos Mordoree (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Ffos Spare Parts (IRE) 9/2 2nd

    15/07/2017 Ascot Preacher Man (IRE) 15/2 2nd
    Ascot Polybius (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Ascot Cuban Heel (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Ascot Cape Coast (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Chest Jungle Cat (IRE) 11/10 2nd
    Ham Undercover Brother (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Ham Bronze Beau (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Ham Compton River (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Ham Inexes (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Ham Arcane Dancer (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Juliet Capulet (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) On Her Toes (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Masham Star (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Steady Pace (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Nebo (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Limato (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Batts Rock (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Sals General Zoff (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Sals Whitecrest (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Sals Harbour Rock (GB) 11/8 2nd
    Sals Famous Dynasty (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Sals Sagely (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Sals Billesdon Bess (GB) 5/1 2nd
    York Barsanti (IRE) Evens 2nd
    York Encrypted (GB) 11/4 3rd
    York Cotai Glory (GB) 7/1 3rd
    York Byron Flyer (GB) 7/4 2nd
    York John Kirkup (GB) 9/2 2nd

    14/07/2017 Ascot Prince Ahwahnee (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Ascot Rebel Streak (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Ascot Dragons Tail (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Ascot Shabeeb (USA) 8/1 3rd
    Car Intense Romance (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Car Star Of Zaam (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Car Big Storm Coming (GB) 13/2 2nd
    Car Chauvelin (GB) 11/1 2nd
    Chep What A Scorcher (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Chep Compton Poppy (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Muss Hadley (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Muss Queen's Sargent (FR) 2/1 2nd
    Muss Economic Crisis (IRE) 22/1 3rd
    Muss Longroom (GB) 11/8 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Fawaareq (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Nyaleti (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Gold Town (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Yaafour (GB) 33/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Bustam (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Tribal Quest (USA) 11/4 2nd
    York Big Les (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    York Visitant (GB) 5/2 2nd
    York Silver Starlight (GB) 7/1 2nd

    13/07/2017 Car Arnarson (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Car Whatsthemessage (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Car Rely On Me (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Donc Stormin Tom (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Donc Spray The Sea (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Donc Chancery (USA) 6/1 2nd
    Donc Sellingallthetime (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Donc Totally Magic (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Epsom Ashpan Sam (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Newb Milky Way (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Newb Raj Balaraaj (GER) 7/1 3rd
    Newb Love Conquers (JPN) 15/2 2nd
    Newb Medicean El Diablo (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Desert Skyline (IRE) 11/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Rajasinghe (IRE) 100/30 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Tommy Taylor (USA) 14/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Ultimate Avenue (IRE) 28/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Anna Nerium (GB) 12/1 3rd

    12/07/2017 Bath Ask The Guru (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Bath Hope Is High (GB) 6/4 3rd
    Bath Wedgewood Estates (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Catt Grey Destiny (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Catt Bernie's Boy (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Catt Tom's Anna (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Kingsley Klarion (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Makhfar (IRE) 13/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Rock N Roll Global (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Badenscoth (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Angel Islington (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Fitzwilly (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Pastoral Music (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Hackney Road (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Ling Accomplice (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Ling Iballisticvin (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Ling Esspeegee (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Ling Glenamoy Lad (GB) 5/6 3rd
    Ling Joys Delight (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Yarm Millie's Kiss (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Yarm Saved By The Bell (IRE) 15/8 2nd
    Yarm Interconnection (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Yarm Morning Suit (USA) 9/1 3rd
    Yarm Working Class (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Yarm Moi Aussie (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Yarm Nellie's Dancer (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Dun Specific Gravity (FR) 100/30 3rd
    Dun Seanie (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Dun Barca (USA) 9/4 2nd
    Dun Ahundrednotout (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Dun Time For Mabel (FR) 10/1 3rd

    11/07/2017 Bri Jo's Girl (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Bri Jazirat (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Pont Dawn Of Hope (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Mythical Spirit (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Tooty Fruitti (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Elusivity (IRE) 14/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Danzan (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Oakley Pride (IRE) 11/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Loveatfirstsight (GB) 15/2 2nd

    10/07/2017 Ayr Ss Vega (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Ayr Kenny The Captain (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Ayr Guitar Pete (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Ayr Timeless Art (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Ayr Lamloom (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Ayr Lathom (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Ayr Yes You (IRE) 5/2 3rd
    Rip Lady Anjorica (IRE) 8/13 2nd
    Rip Hernando Torres (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Rip Kilowatt (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Rip Haworth (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Win Iconic Knight (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Win Hyperloop (GB) Evens 2nd
    Win Amlad (IRE) 11/4 2nd

    09/07/2017 Ayr Blankiedoodie (GB) 13/2 2nd
    Ayr Finn Class (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Ayr Royal Duchess (GB) 12/1 3rd

    08/07/2017 Bev Poet's Dawn (GB) 13/8 3rd
    Bev Iconic Sunset (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Bev Hermana Santa (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Bev Signore Piccolo (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Bev Ingleby Angel (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Bev Arcane Dancer (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Bev Greenview Paradise (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Bev Rapid Ranger (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Car Cliff (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Car Deeds Not Words (IRE) 15/8 2nd
    Car Omotesando (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Car Character Onesie (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Car Circulation (GB) 7/4 3rd
    Hay Abingdon (USA) 6/4 2nd
    Hay Kachy (GB) 11/8 2nd
    Hay Scofflaw (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Hay Bint Arcano (FR) 9/2 3rd
    Hay Carigrad (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Leic Christmas Night (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Leic Shyron (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Leic Nibras Again (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Leic Clever Lady (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Nott Spinart (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Nott Enjoy Life (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Nott Graceful Lady (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Nott Cape Icon (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Nott Endless Gold (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Nott Vigee Le Brun (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Sand Firefright (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Sand Muntazah (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Sand Queen Of Time (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Sand Barney Roy (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Sand Seafarer (IRE) 9/2 2nd

    07/07/2017 Bev Our Little Pony (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Bev Mon Beau Visage (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Bev Midnight Warrior (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Bev Chauvelin (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Donc Mutakatif (IRE) 4/7 3rd
    Donc Ghaseedah (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Donc Chief Craftsman (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Hay Miningrocks (FR) 5/2 3rd
    Hay Kuraka (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Hay The Nazca Lines (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Hay Collateral (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Hay Areen Heart (FR) 7/2 2nd
    Hay Reverend Jacobs (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Hay Carigrad (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Hay Pirate Look (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Sand Kasbah (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Sand Roussel (IRE) 5/4 2nd
    Sand Kidmenever (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Sand Honiara (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Chel Kenstone (FR) 16/1 3rd
    Chel Makaarim (GB) 8/1 2nd

    06/07/2017 Epsom Shawwal (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Epsom Cheeky Rascal (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Epsom Farleigh Mac (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Epsom Tavener (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Hay Green Power (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Hay Green Fortune (GB) 7/4 3rd
    Hay Jim Rockford (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Hay Captain Revelation (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Newb Our Lord (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Newb Golden Footsteps (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Newb Belledesert (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Newb Zebulon (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Yarm Sir Gnet (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Yarm Tamayef (IRE) 3/1 2nd

    05/07/2017 Bath Sfumato (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Bath Tenby Two (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Dream Farr (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Nightingale Valley (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Retained (FR) 33/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Sileel (USA) 4/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Glorious Poet (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Thir Arcavallo (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Thir Elysee Star (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Thir Raven's Raft (IRE) 11/8 3rd
    Thir Bossipop (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Thir Kirkham (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Thir Itsakindamagic (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Thir Mathix (FR) 2/1 2nd

    04/07/2017 Bri Betsalottie (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Chep Airshow (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Chep Titus Secret (GB) 13/8 2nd
    Chep Procurator (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Chep Miss Tree (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Chep Wordiness (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Ham Armed Response (GB) 13/8 3rd
    Ham Torcello (IRE) 5/6 3rd
    Ham Addicted To You (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Ham Another Wise Kid (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Ham Dutch Dream (GB) 4/1 2nd

    03/07/2017 Ham Hamidans Girl (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Ham Sennockian Star (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Ham Al Destoor (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Ham Archi's Affaire (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Pont Boundsy (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Pont The Feathered Nest (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Pont Acadian Angel (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Pont Kiwi Bay (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Pont Bonnie Arlene (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Win Omneeya (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Silver Link (IRE) 4/6 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Kraka (IRE) 5/1 3rd

    02/07/2017 Win Valcartier (IRE) 6/5 2nd
    Win Euqranian (USA) 11/4 2nd
    Win Easy Tiger (GB) 25/1 2nd
    Win Chelsea Lad (IRE) 9/4 3rd

    01/07/2017 Chest Vona (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Chest Starlight Romance (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Chest Demons Rock (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Chest Pushkin Museum (IRE) 20/1 3rd
    Chest Corpus Chorister (FR) 4/1 2nd
    Donc Sultanaa (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Donc Gemologist (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Donc Dirchill (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Donc Ptarmigan Ridge (GB) Evens 3rd
    Donc Eccleston (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Donc The New Pharaoh (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Ling King Olav (UAE) 8/1 3rd
    Ling Peloton (GB) 6/4 3rd
    Ling Zalshah (GB) 100/30 2nd
    Ling Bassmah (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Gallifrey (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Swiftsure (IRE) 13/8 3rd
    Win Alaska (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Win What About Carlo (FR) 11/4 2nd
    Win Stormy Antarctic (GB) 6/4 2nd
    Win Black Caesar (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    York Dontgiveuponbob (GB) 5/1 2nd
    York Emenem (GB) 7/1 3rd
    York Spinnaka (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    York Azari (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Natural Scenery (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Gerry The Glover (IRE) 5/1 2nd

    30/06/2017 Chest Heir Of Excitement (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Chest Knight In Armour (IRE) 5/4 2nd
    Donc Sardenya (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Donc One Second (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Donc Superioritycomplex (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Donc What A Home (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Donc Bourbonisto (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Donc Majestic Stone (IRE) 13/2 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Trulee Scrumptious (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Wings Of Esteem (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Storm Cry (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Yarm Brigliadoro (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Yarm To Dibba (GB) Evens 2nd
    Newc (AW) Amood (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Fruit Salad (GB) 100/30 2nd
    Newc (AW) Second Page (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Tamih (IRE) 15/8 2nd

    29/06/2017 Ham Tread Lightly (GB) 100/30 3rd
    Ham Dark Crystal (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Ham Star Citizen (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Newb Tig Tog (IRE) 20/1 2nd
    Newb Challow (IRE) 11/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Dichato (USA) 7/4 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Hart Stopper (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Twin Appeal (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Nmkt (Jul) Compas Scoobie (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Nott Mama Africa (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Nott Flash City (ITY) 9/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Benadalid (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Move It Move It (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Big Les (IRE) 15/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Qaffaal (USA) 15/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Kentuckyconnection (USA) 16/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Beverley Bullet (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Jessie Allan (IRE) 20/1 3rd

    28/06/2017 Bath Park Paddocks (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Bath Aye Aye Skipper (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Car Star Of Zaam (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Car Bletchley (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Car Quick N Quirky (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Luxford (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Miss Mo Brown Bear (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Election Day (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Abatement (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Clowance One (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Kemp (AW) See And Be Seen (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Sals Lifeboat (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Sals Stone The Crows (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Sals Morning Suit (USA) 13/2 2nd

    27/06/2017 Bev Arabian Jazz (IRE) 11/10 2nd
    Bev Tred Softly (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Bev Save The Bees (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Bev Rosemay (FR) 7/2 2nd
    Bev Luminous (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Bev Roaring Rory (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Bri Good Luck Charm (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Bri Mr Pocket (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Bri Captain Marmalade (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Leic Dodgy Bob (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Leic The Dukkerer (IRE) 7/1 3rd

    26/06/2017 Chep Patching (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Chep Our Lord (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Chep Mostashreqah (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Chep Whatalove (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Win Ebtkaar (IRE) 10/11 3rd
    Win Open Wide (USA) 13/8 2nd
    Win Lightening Dance (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Lawless Louis (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Branscombe (GB) 3/1 2nd

    25/06/2017 Pont La Fritillaire (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Pont Aurora Gray (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Pont Sheepscar Lad (IRE) 9/2 2nd

    24/06/2017 Ascot Masar (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Ascot Nyaleti (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Ascot Majeed (GB) 25/1 2nd
    Ascot Limato (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Ascot Thomas Hobson (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Ayr Navarone (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Ayr Queen Kindly (GB) 7/4 3rd
    Hay Iconic Sunset (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Ling Hepplewhite (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Ling Mrs Teasdale (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Ling Majestic Moon (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Ling Malcolm The Pug (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Yafta (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Mafaaheem (IRE) 6/5 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Merlin (GB) 15/8 2nd
    Red Horsted Keynes (FR) 5/1 2nd
    Red Miss Goldsmith (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Red Subjective (GB) 2/1 3rd
    Red Granny Roz (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Red Dapper Man (IRE) 15/8 3rd

    23/06/2017 Ascot Crystal Ocean (GB) 9/4 3rd
    Ascot Harry Angel (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Ascot Blue Point (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Ascot Top Tug (IRE) 8/1 4th
    Ayr Ted's Brother (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Ayr Liquid Gold (IRE) 11/8 2nd
    Ayr Scorching Heat (GB) 5/4 3rd
    Ayr Braes Of Lochalsh (GB) 18/1 2nd
    Ayr Magistral (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Bath Sharjah (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Bath Powerful Dream (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Bath Autumn Lodge (GB) 4/6 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Pacific Salt (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Turning Gold (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Angel Of Darkness (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Nmkt (Jul) Dandilion (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Red Give Em A Clump (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Red Kilbaha Lady (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Red Call Me Grumpy (IRE) 4/7 2nd
    Red Muatadel (GB) 5/2 2nd

    22/06/2017 Ascot Hertford Dancer (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Ascot Mori (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Ascot Tricorn (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Ascot Drochaid (GB) 14/1 4th
    Ling (AW) Epsom Secret (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Retained (FR) 20/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Nuzha (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Bonnie Arlene (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Glenys The Menace (FR) 8/1 2nd
    Rip Collingham Park (IRE) 11/10 2nd
    Rip Mulligatawny (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Rip Strictly Art (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Chel See And Be Seen (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Chel Canterbury Quad (FR) 7/2 3rd
    Chel Absolutely Awesome (GB) 5/2 3rd

    21/06/2017 Ascot Mubtasim (IRE) 20/1 3rd
    Ascot Out Of The Flames (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Ascot Usherette (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Ascot Decorated Knight (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Ascot Rain Goddess (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Ham Poet's Prince (GB) Evens 2nd
    Ham Cosmic Chatter (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Ham Breanski (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Ham Thorntoun Care (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Ham Tonto's Spirit (GB) 10/11 3rd
    Rip Cool Strutter (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Rip Carlovian (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Rip Seen The Lyte (IRE) 16/1 2nd
    Rip Equiano Springs (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Rip Yorkshire Pudding (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Chel Uther Pendragon (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Chel Alifax (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Foie Gras (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Chel Royal Birth (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Chel A Momentofmadness (GB) 15/8 3rd
    Chel Mazzini (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Chel Zumran (GB) 25/1 2nd

Welcome to Racing Buzz

We provide speed ratings for UK flat horse racing. By using our speed ratings to measure a horse's past performance we can highlight the primary horse racing form factors - speed and fitness.

Horse Racing Speed Ratings are a numerical representation of how fast a horse has run in a race. These speed figures are used as a basis to judge a horse's competitive ability. Analysing a horse's race form can be a time consuming and difficult task. Our database puts years of horse racing data at your finger tips, giving you a unique insight lacking in traditional form ratings or guides, laid out in a straight forward user friendly manner allowing you to get to the crucial information quickly and easily without having to download software and constant updates.

Check out our about page to see how we put together our speed ratings. Then take a look at our examples to see how we display our information.

Speed Ratings features

For every UK flat race meeting we show:-

Race Cards showing the race details including Horse, draw, weight, official rating, jockey and trainer along with minimum, maximum and average speed ratings as well as the 5 most recent speed ratings the horse have achieved. Now available in PDF and CSV downloads. Work with the cards in your favourite spreadsheet application or print them and take them with you.

Draw Statistics showing the number of 1sts, 2nds and 3rds for each draw number over the last 3 years. We also present the draw stats in a graph giving a quick visual analysis of any draw advantage.

Jockey and Trainer course statistics for the last 3 years.

Jockey and Trainer Recent Form showing the number of runs, wins and places with percentages for each jockey and trainer in the race

Head to Head details of previous meetings between horses showing where, when and who beat who.

Our comprehensive Form Search allows you to search and filter years of data to profile races, jockeys and trainers or assess ante post runners. We show every horse, jockey, trainer and course that has raced in the UK in the last 5 years.


Just relying on your ratings is freeing up so much time. Looking at the obvious ones and letting the ratings speak for themselves is a lot easier than going through every race with a fine tooth comb. If I don't agree with one then onto the next race. Handy checking up with the filters at the course and the draw stats, both are excellent tools.
Craig - Blackpool

First winner at Wolverhampton..first two at Brighton..first winner at Ayr yesterday. I BACKED 15 WINNERS in the day and evening.( most down to Racing Buzz. ).How do we get better than this .( Smile)..........Well done Racing Buzz I have backed 10 winners using your ratings today and 15 winners yesterday.
Tom - Cheshire

I just wanted to say that I have been using your ratings for the past 10 days and so far I have found them very useful. I wish I had subscribed sooner. Thanks.
Simon - Suffolk

I been testing for a week now and I'm very impressed with it. I will take out a monthly subscription tomorrow. It was nice to find a speed rating that more or less only uses raw figures with that I mean leave the weight most others are incorporating in there ratings....... Just like to show you some testing I been doing after I start using your speed ratings. Have to say I'm very happy with it even its only around 100 bets. The more I use your ratings the more it impresses me.
Petter - Örebro Sweden

I have to say using your ratings my betting has progressed quite considerably.
David - Leeds

I've had some great winners from the ratings recently. I have a good deal of confidence in the figures when the conditions are right. Many thanks!
John - slough