Our racecards are ordered by draw number, found to the right of the horse's name. We then show the horse's age, weight to be carried in the race and the official rating followed by the trainer and jockey names.

Race Card

The next three columns show the horses average, lowest and highest speed ratings from every run in the last five years. The last five columns show the last five speed ratings the horse has achieved, LTO being the 'last time out' followed by the next four most recent results (where there are results to show). The racecard can be sorted Horse, Draw, Weight, OR, Min, Max, Avg or LTO by simply clicking on the relevant header.

Hover over speed rating

Hover over one of the five recent speed ratings and a handy pop up will show you the race information.

Draw Stats

The draw tab shows a table listing 1st, 2nd and 3rd places achieved from each draw for previous races, at course and distance with the same number of runners, over the last three years. This is also shown in a graph giving a quick visual analysis of any draw advantage.

Draw Analysis

Jockey and Trainer Stats

This tab shows jockey and trainer stats for the last 3 years at the current course, showing number of runs, wins, places and prize money. This page also links to each jockey and trainers full results over tha last five years, with filters for course, class and jockey/trainer combinations.

Jockey and Trainer Course statistics

Jockey and Trainer Recent Form

The Jockey and Trainer form from the last 14 and 30 days is shown in this tab. The 2 tables show the number of runs, wins and places with percentages for each jockey and trainer in the race.

Jockey and Trainer Recent Form

Head to Head

The head to head tab shows if any of the horses in the race have raced each other within the last 5 years, showing each horses position, the race details and a link to the full race result.

Head to Head meetings

Form Search

The form search lets you search the past five year's results of every horse, jockey, trainer and course.

Form Search


Whether you're looking for ante post pointers or just want to profile a particular horse, the horse form search lets you dig in as far as you like, with every result from the last five years linked in.

Speed Ratings Form Search

At the top of this page you will find the horse's statistics including number of runs, number of wins, number of places (note we count a place as being in the prize money) win strike rate (%), total prize money won and the number of days since the horse's last run.

You can filter a horse's runs by course, distance, going and class. This shows a pop up window showing all the horse's runs under the filter conditions including statistics for runs, number of wins, number of places (again in the prize money) win strike rate (%) and total prize money won.

Jockey and Trainer

Every jockey and trainer that has raced in the previous five years is included in our database. See how a jockey or trainer performs at a certain course and/or class or cross reference trainer and jockey combinations. It's all there to allow you to make your own judgements and filter competitors by the factors you feel are important.

Horse racing jockey and trainer search


Every result from the last five years racing at a course is available allowing an in depth study to profile races at going, class and distance to see how fast you would expect a race to be run, and what a horse needs to be capable of to win.

Horse Racing Couse Results