About Our Speed Ratings

Our speed ratings are created using our own specially developed Master Times. By using our dynamically built Master Times rather than arbitrary standard times we can more accurately rate a horses performance, keeping that rating completely up to date and relative to every other horses performance. Each time a race meets our criteria it is added to the group of times we use to calculate our Master Times. Every rating for that course and distance is then updated using the newly adjusted master time.

We don't use track, class, sex or weight allowances in our speed figures. We only make a small going adjustment to the 'raw' rating, what is often referred to as the daily track variant in other speed ratings. The going allowance in most other speed ratings attempts to even out all the goings, using the pretence that if a horse ran a race at a certain time in soft going then it will run a better time, by x seconds, when the going is good and another x seconds better when the going is fast. While this may generally be the case this isn't entirely accurate. Horses, like people, have favoured conditions and their performance is not that linear. Our going allowance is used to even out each separate going and to allow for other factors in the conditions, such as wind direction and strength. We adjust for the going based on several factors including standard times for the course, distance, class and going as well as the past performance of selected runners in each race of a meeting.

We don't make a class allowance because we want our speed ratings to be directly comparable. Horses can step up or down in class regularly. If any two horses' race against each other having come from races of different class their performances need to be measured using the same yardstick rather than being artificially adjusted.

All these factors combine to give an accurate rating of each horse's performance without muddying the figures with opinion or guesswork. This means our speed figures can be used on their own as a stand-alone form guide or as part of a handicapper's arsenal.