Recent Winners With Our Highest Last Time Out (LTO) Speed Rating

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  • Top rated LTO Winners
    20/03/2020 Dun Lequinto (IRE) 5/2
    Dun Juliet Rose (IRE) 15/8
    Dun Aerclub (IRE) 11/8

    13/03/2020 Dun Mythologic (IRE) 13/8
    Dun Golden Valour (GB) 11/4
    South (AW) Blackcastle Storm (GB) 11/8

    11/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Buy Me Back (GB) 9/2
    Kemp (AW) Dancing Feet (IRE) Evens
    Kemp (AW) Red Jasper (GB) 6/1
    Ling (AW) Enmeshing (GB) 5/1

    10/03/2020 Newc (AW) Bobby Joe Leg (GB) 4/1
    Newc (AW) Intrinsic Bond (GB) 5/2
    South (AW) Highland Dress (GB) 11/10
    South (AW) Mukha Magic (GB) 4/7

    09/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Note Bleu (GB) 3/1

    08/03/2020 South (AW) Three C's (IRE) 6/1
    South (AW) Wasntexpectingthat (GB) 15/8

    07/03/2020 Chel Beautiful Illusion (IRE) 1/2
    Chel Mildenberger (GB) Evens
    Chel Bad Attitude (GB) 3/1

    06/03/2020 Dun Plum Perfect (IRE) 5/4
    Dun Sceptical (GB) 7/4
    Wolv (AW) Fair Star (IRE) 4/7

    05/03/2020 Newc (AW) Street Life (GB) 10/11

    04/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Felix (GB) 100/30
    Kemp (AW) Be Fair (GB) 6/5
    Ling (AW) Corvair (IRE) 6/4
    Ling (AW) Pitcher's Point (USA) 10/11

    03/03/2020 South (AW) Red Stripes (USA) 9/2
    South (AW) Going Native (GB) 4/5
    South (AW) Puchita (IRE) 13/8

    02/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Thawry (GB) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) Unforgiving Minute (GB) 4/7
    Wolv (AW) Tabaahy (GB) 7/2

    29/02/2020 South (AW) Miss Morocco (GB) 14/1

    28/02/2020 Dun San Andreas (IRE) 5/6
    Dun Cautious Approach (GB) 16/1
    Ling (AW) True Scarlet (IRE) 5/4
    Ling (AW) Healing Power (GB) 1/5
    Ling (AW) River Dawn (GB) 5/1

    27/02/2020 Newc (AW) Groveman (GB) 9/4
    Newc (AW) Gallipoli (IRE) 11/2

    26/02/2020 Kemp (AW) Hieronymus (GB) 2/1
    South (AW) Light Lily (GB) 5/4
    South (AW) Split Down South (GB) 7/4

    24/02/2020 Wolv (AW) Dazzling Darren (IRE) 4/6
    South (AW) Big Impact (GB) 6/4

    22/02/2020 Chel Restless Rose (GB) 11/10
    Chel Stormy Mountain (IRE) 4/6
    Ling (AW) Group One Power (GB) 4/5
  • 2nd and 3rd rated LTO Winners
    20/03/2020 Dun Fit For Function (GB) 11/4

    14/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Universal Gleam (GB) 7/1
    Wolv (AW) Fizzy Feet (IRE) 9/2
    Wolv (AW) Beverley Bullet (GB) 14/1
    Wolv (AW) Street Poet (IRE) 5/1

    13/03/2020 Dun Dark Vader (IRE) 15/8

    12/03/2020 Chel Greek Kodiac (IRE) 9/2

    11/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Believe In Love (IRE) 5/2
    Kemp (AW) Birds Of Prey (IRE) 5/2
    Kemp (AW) Silver Dust (IRE) 7/2
    Ling (AW) Dashing Roger (GB) 7/1
    Ling (AW) African Dream (GB) Evens
    Ling (AW) Abel Tasman (GB) 3/1

    10/03/2020 South (AW) De Bruyne Horse (GB) 2/1
    South (AW) Going Native (GB) 6/4
    South (AW) Capla Spirit (GB) 5/4
    South (AW) Precious Plum (GB) 28/1
    Newc (AW) Rockley Point (GB) 9/1

    09/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Toro Dorado (GB) 5/2
    Wolv (AW) Rocketeer (GB) 11/2
    Wolv (AW) Glorious Caesar (GB) 3/1
    Wolv (AW) Knowing Glance (IRE) 4/1

    08/03/2020 South (AW) Final Legacy (GB) 3/1

    07/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Urban Icon (GB) 2/1

    06/03/2020 Chel Royal Dynasty (GB) 7/1
    Dun Happaugue (RUS) 5/6
    Chel Colwood (GB) 7/1
    Chel Papa Stour (USA) 6/4

    05/03/2020 Newc (AW) Tathmeen (IRE) 5/1
    South (AW) Mukha Magic (GB) 5/6

    04/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Crimson King (IRE) 7/2

    03/03/2020 South (AW) Cape Greco (USA) 4/1
    South (AW) Tigray (USA) 11/4

    02/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Bowling Russian (IRE) 7/2

    29/02/2020 South (AW) Palazzo (GB) 5/1
    South (AW) De Bruyne Horse (GB) 11/2
    Ling (AW) Nonios (IRE) 15/2
    Ling (AW) Malotru (GB) 7/2
    Ling (AW) Clog Maker (IRE) 6/5

    28/02/2020 Newc (AW) Buniann (IRE) 9/2
    Ling (AW) Dark Phoenix (IRE) 7/2
    Newc (AW) Mountain Brave (GB) 8/1
    Newc (AW) Sharrabang (GB) 4/1
    Dun Major Power (IRE) 5/1
    Dun United Front (USA) 5/6
    Ling (AW) Miss Elsa (GB) 10/11

    27/02/2020 Chel Maori Knight (IRE) 8/11
    Chel Fantastic Flyer (GB) 15/8
    Newc (AW) Papa Power (GB) 8/13

    26/02/2020 Kemp (AW) Englishman (GB) 11/2
    Kemp (AW) Sonnet Rose (IRE) 16/1

    25/02/2020 Ling (AW) Auchterarder (IRE) 100/30
    Ling (AW) Alveda (GB) 9/1

    24/02/2020 Wolv (AW) Concierge (IRE) 13/8
    South (AW) Puchita (IRE) 4/1
  • Top 3 LTO Places
    20/03/2020 Dun Yuften (GB) 6/4 2nd
    Dun Dutch Admiral (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Dun Presgrave (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Dun Poet's Pride (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Dun Major Power (IRE) 7/2 2nd

    14/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Tathmeen (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Never Dark (GB) 2/1 3rd

    13/03/2020 Ling (AW) King Of The South (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Claudius Secundus (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Javelin (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Faramman (GB) 10/1 2nd
    South (AW) Red Stripes (USA) 7/2 2nd
    Dun Zippity (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Dun Lady De Vesci (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Dun Rock On Aidan (IRE) 5/4 3rd
    Dun Beleaguerment (IRE) 15/2 2nd
    Dun Koybig (IRE) 22/1 2nd
    Dun Adnap (IRE) 11/8 3rd
    Dun Helen De Pourtales (IRE) 20/1 3rd

    12/03/2020 Chel Haayem (FR) 8/13 2nd
    Chel Stanford (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Chel Nigel Nott (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Chel Bernie's Boy (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Zarrar (IRE) 5/1 3rd

    11/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Clever Candy (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Princesse Animale (GB) 15/2 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Dromara King (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Ling (AW) Sly Minx (GB) Evens 2nd
    Ling (AW) Rhyme Scheme (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Sound Mixer (GB) 6/1 2nd

    10/03/2020 South (AW) Cold Harbour (GB) 7/1 2nd
    South (AW) Bedtime Bella (IRE) 100/30 2nd
    South (AW) Intrepid Italian (GB) 11/8 2nd
    Newc (AW) Mutabaahy (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Militia (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Global Art (GB) 10/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Palazzo (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) With Approval (IRE) 9/2 3rd

    09/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Latent Heat (IRE) Evens 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Rockin' N Raven (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Inevitable Outcome (IRE) 6/5 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Noble Fox (GB) 15/8 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Let Rip (IRE) 18/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Rodney Le Roc (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Fuchsia (GB) 3/1 3rd

    08/03/2020 South (AW) Luna Magic (GB) 8/1 3rd
    South (AW) Motawaafeq (FR) 15/8 2nd
    South (AW) Cotton Club (IRE) 7/1 2nd

    07/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Wasntexpectingthat (GB) 13/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Rock Of Diamonds (IRE) 6/5 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Lethal Talent (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Zapper Cass (FR) 100/30 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Mickey (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Chel Come On Bear (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Chel Glitter Queen (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Chel Carnival Rose (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Chel Seventeen O Four (IRE) 12/1 3rd

    06/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Hill Hollow (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Charlie D (USA) 2/1 2nd
    Dun Aloysius Lilius (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Dun Eglish (GB) 4/6 2nd
    Dun Jon Ess (IRE) Evens 2nd
    Dun Above Us Only Sky (IRE) 16/1 2nd
    Dun Tribal Path (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Chel N Over J (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Chel Indian Affair (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Chel Krazy Paving (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Chel Mount Wellington (IRE) 15/8 2nd
    Chel True Belief (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Chel Vexed (GB) 6/4 2nd

    05/03/2020 South (AW) Light Lily (GB) 8/11 2nd
    South (AW) Mesmeric (GER) 5/2 2nd
    South (AW) Kentuckyconnection (USA) 10/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Young Tiger (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Perfect Soldier (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Gweedore (GB) 12/1 3rd

    04/03/2020 Kemp (AW) Songo (IRE) 11/10 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Genuine Approval (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Note Bleu (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Berlin Tango (GB) 15/8 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Griggy (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Ling (AW) London Arch (GB) 11/10 2nd
    Ling (AW) Tanqeeb (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Banta Bay (GB) 8/1 2nd

    03/03/2020 South (AW) Moveonup (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    South (AW) Howardian Hills (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    South (AW) Parallel World (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    South (AW) Jem Scuttle (USA) 5/2 2nd

    02/03/2020 Wolv (AW) Creative Talent (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Cafe Sydney (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Amor Fati (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Johnny Reb (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Lady Reset (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Dear Power (IRE) 1/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Lovers Cry (GB) 14/1 2nd

    29/02/2020 Ling (AW) Superseded (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Seaport (GB) 11/4 2nd
    South (AW) Harbour Front (GB) 6/4 2nd
    South (AW) War Empress (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    South (AW) Voice Of A Leader (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    South (AW) The Eagle's Nest (IRE) 6/4 2nd

    28/02/2020 Ling (AW) Siege Of Boston (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Total Commitment (IRE) 11/8 2nd
    Ling (AW) Harmonious (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Dun Chanell Eclipse (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Dun Choice Of Mine (AUS) 11/2 2nd
    Dun Laugh A Minute (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Klopp (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Roaring Rory (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Lord Of The Glen (GB) 5/1 3rd

    27/02/2020 Chel Life Knowledge (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Kaisan (GB) 5/1 3rd
    Chel Night Voyager (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Chel Mythical Spirit (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Chel Second Collection (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Chel Maid Millie (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Chel Lady Of York (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Da Vinci (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Newc (AW) Dandys Gold (IRE) 7/2 2nd

    26/02/2020 Kemp (AW) Sparkling Diamond (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Almqvist (GB) 100/30 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Broughton Excels (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Tough Remedy (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Fortune And Glory (USA) 14/1 2nd
    South (AW) Arzaak (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    South (AW) Brooklyn Boy (GB) 8/11 2nd
    South (AW) Zylan (IRE) 12/1 2nd

    25/02/2020 Ling (AW) Bythebay (GB) Evens 2nd
    Ling (AW) Come On Bear (IRE) 5/4 2nd

    24/02/2020 South (AW) Accessor (IRE) 4/5 2nd
    South (AW) Doc Sportello (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    South (AW) Life Knowledge (IRE) 20/1 2nd
    South (AW) Cape Greco (USA) 8/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Buy Me Back (GB) 11/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Comeatchoo (IRE) 15/8 3rd
    Wolv (AW) A Go Go (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Becker (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Tabaahy (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Cheeky Rascal (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Embrace The Moment (IRE) 14/1 3rd

    22/02/2020 Ling (AW) Court House (IRE) 16/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) City Tour (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Amsby (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Chel Today Power (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Chel Victory Bond (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Windsorlot (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Chel Mount Mogan (GB) 85/40 2nd

Welcome to Racing Buzz

We provide speed ratings for UK flat horse racing. By using our speed ratings to measure a horse's past performance we can highlight the primary horse racing form factors - speed and fitness.

Horse Racing Speed Ratings are a numerical representation of how fast a horse has run in a race. These speed figures are used as a basis to judge a horse's competitive ability. Analysing a horse's race form can be a time consuming and difficult task. Our database puts years of horse racing data at your finger tips, giving you a unique insight lacking in traditional form ratings or guides, laid out in a straight forward user friendly manner allowing you to get to the crucial information quickly and easily without having to download software and constant updates.

Check out our about page to see how we put together our speed ratings. Then take a look at our examples to see how we display our information.

Speed Ratings features

For every UK flat race meeting we show:-

Race Cards showing the race details including Horse, draw, weight, official rating, jockey and trainer along with minimum, maximum and average speed ratings as well as the 5 most recent speed ratings the horse have achieved. Now available in PDF and CSV downloads. Work with the cards in your favourite spreadsheet application or print them and take them with you.

Draw Statistics showing the number of 1sts, 2nds and 3rds for each draw number over the last 3 years. We also present the draw stats in a graph giving a quick visual analysis of any draw advantage.

Jockey and Trainer course statistics for the last 3 years.

Jockey and Trainer Recent Form showing the number of runs, wins and places with percentages for each jockey and trainer in the race

Head to Head details of previous meetings between horses showing where, when and who beat who.

Our comprehensive Form Search allows you to search and filter years of data to profile races, jockeys and trainers or assess ante post runners. We show every horse, jockey, trainer and course that has raced in the UK in the last 5 years.


Just relying on your ratings is freeing up so much time. Looking at the obvious ones and letting the ratings speak for themselves is a lot easier than going through every race with a fine tooth comb. If I don't agree with one then onto the next race. Handy checking up with the filters at the course and the draw stats, both are excellent tools.
Craig - Blackpool

First winner at Wolverhampton..first two at Brighton..first winner at Ayr yesterday. I BACKED 15 WINNERS in the day and evening.( most down to Racing Buzz. ).How do we get better than this .( Smile)..........Well done Racing Buzz I have backed 10 winners using your ratings today and 15 winners yesterday.
Tom - Cheshire

I just wanted to say that I have been using your ratings for the past 10 days and so far I have found them very useful. I wish I had subscribed sooner. Thanks.
Simon - Suffolk

I been testing for a week now and I'm very impressed with it. I will take out a monthly subscription tomorrow. It was nice to find a speed rating that more or less only uses raw figures with that I mean leave the weight most others are incorporating in there ratings....... Just like to show you some testing I been doing after I start using your speed ratings. Have to say I'm very happy with it even its only around 100 bets. The more I use your ratings the more it impresses me.
Petter - Örebro Sweden

I have to say using your ratings my betting has progressed quite considerably.
David - Leeds

I've had some great winners from the ratings recently. I have a good deal of confidence in the figures when the conditions are right. Many thanks!
John - slough