Recent Winners With Our Highest Last Time Out (LTO) Speed Rating

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  • Top rated LTO Winners
    27/04/2016 Ascot Mizzou (IRE) 11/4
    Bri Malaysian Boleh (GB) 7/4
    Bri Auntie Barber (IRE) 5/4
    Wolv (AW) Bombilate (USA) 5/4
    Pont Maleficent Queen (GB) 11/8

    26/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Hakam (USA) 4/9
    Nott Daisy Bere (FR) 7/1
    Nott Berkeley Vale (GB) 6/1
    Wolv (AW) Therthaar (GB) 2/5
    Wolv (AW) White Poppy (IRE) 4/1
    Ling (AW) Bamako Du Chatelet (FR) 11/10
    Bath Kreb's Cycle (IRE) 1/2
    Bri Nag's Wag (IRE) 4/1

    25/04/2016 Chel Pursuitofthestars (IRE) 9/4
    Ayr Pick Your Battle (GB) 5/2
    Wolv (AW) Viewpoint (IRE) 9/4
    Wolv (AW) Tasaaboq (GB) 4/1

    24/04/2016 Gow Shamreen (IRE) 8/1
    Thir Iceaxe (GB) 12/1
    Thir Top Of The Bank (GB) 6/4
    Gow Bocca Baciata (IRE) 6/4
    Gow Champagne Or Water (IRE) 8/1

    23/04/2016 Hay Farham (USA) 11/4
    Rip Who Told Jo Jo (IRE) 10/1
    Lim Canary Row (IRE) 9/1
    Lim Maneen (GB) Evens
    Rip Treasury Notes (IRE) 6/1

    22/04/2016 Sand Toormore (IRE) 7/2
    Donc Time Check (USA) 13/2

    21/04/2016 Bev Seafront (GB) Evens
    Tip Kellstorm (IRE) 4/5
    Bev Carenot (IRE) 4/6

    20/04/2016 Catt Footlight (GB) 7/2
    Catt Normandie Lady (GB) 5/1
    Ling (AW) Ordinal (GB) 2/7

    19/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Kelvin Hall (GB) 5/2

    18/04/2016 Win Baadi (GB) 2/5
    Dun Coreczka (IRE) 2/1

    17/04/2016 Nav The Gurkha (IRE) 11/8

    16/04/2016 Chel Marenko (GB) 5/2
    Chel Taqdeer (IRE) 5/4
    Wolv (AW) Batts Rock (IRE) Evens
    Nott Dancing Years (IRE) 4/1
    Nott Nietzsche (GB) 7/2
    Thir Kelinni (IRE) 6/4
    Wolv (AW) On A Whim (GB) 4/1/
    Nott Lewisham (GB) 9/4

    15/04/2016 Dun Shukhov (IRE) 9/10

    14/04/2016 Rip Bossipop (GB) 12/1
    Rip Dandyleekie (IRE) 12/1
    Rip Ronnie Baird (GB) 8/1
    Nmkt Magical Memory (IRE) 3/1
    Rip Felix De Vega (IRE) 5/2
    Chel Irish Eclare (IRE) 6/4

    13/04/2016 Nmkt Sutter County (GB) 4/9

    12/04/2016 Nmkt Ventura Storm (IRE) 15/8

    11/04/2016 Red Albert Boy (IRE) 10/11

    09/04/2016 Ling (AW) Sea Of Flames (GB) 7/4
    Ling (AW) Baileys Mirage (FR) 5/2
    Ling (AW) Attain (GB) 7/1
    Wolv (AW) Available (IRE) 11/4
    Wolv (AW) Rock 'n' Red (IRE) 7/4
    Wolv (AW) Be Kool (IRE) 7/2
    Wolv (AW) Librisa Breeze (GB) 5/2

    08/04/2016 Dun Aared (IRE) 4/9
    Wolv (AW) John Caesar (IRE) 15/2
    Wolv (AW) George William (GB) 4/6
    Leic Vivre Pour Vivre (IRE) 8/11
    Wolv (AW) Lucy The Painter (IRE) 4/5

    07/04/2016 Lim Orangey Red (IRE) Evens
    Chel Secret Sense (USA) 1/2
    South (AW) Kemsing (IRE) 7/2

    06/04/2016 Ling (AW) Clotilde (GB) 4/9
    Ling (AW) Southern Storm (IRE) 5/4
    Leo Beechmount Whisper (IRE) 5/2

    04/04/2016 Ling (AW) Battlement (GB) 4/11
    Ling (AW) Stormy Clouds (IRE) 4/9
    Ling (AW) Beauty Night (GB) 8/1

    02/04/2016 Kemp (AW) Kyllachy Queen (IRE) 3/1
    Kemp (AW) Stringybark Creek (GB) 9/1

    01/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Eurato (FR) 6/4
    Dun Tilly Trotter (IRE) 5/4
    Ling (AW) Jamhoori (GB) 1/4
    Ling (AW) Planetoid (IRE) 7/2

    31/03/2016 Wolv (AW) Spray Tan (GB) 10/1

    30/03/2016 Ling (AW) Spinning Pearl (IRE) 7/2
    Kemp (AW) Lucy The Painter (IRE) 2/1

    29/03/2016 Wolv (AW) Nouvelli Dancer (IRE) 15/2
  • 2nd and 3rd rated LTO Winners
    27/04/2016 Bri Hurricane Volta (IRE) 11/4
    Pont Mailshot (USA) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) On A Whim (GB) 11/4
    Wolv (AW) Mount Cheiron (USA) 3/1
    Bri Frozen Force (IRE) 9/2

    26/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Mr Red Clubs (IRE) 2/1
    Bri King Crimson (GB) 5/1
    Bri Good Luck Charm (GB) 7/2
    Ling (AW) Bridge Of Sighs (GB) 9/4
    Ling (AW) Aragon Knight (GB) 6/1
    Wolv (AW) Broughtons Fancy (GB) 100/30
    Nott Evangelical (GB) 11/10

    25/04/2016 Naa Fort Del Oro (IRE) 13/8
    Ayr Funding Deficit (IRE) 7/1
    Chel Schoolboy Error (IRE) 5/2
    Win Michael's Mount (GB) 15/8
    Win Defrocked (IRE) 10/1
    Chel We Are Ninety (IRE) 5/4
    Ayr Mo Henry (GB) 9/2
    Wolv (AW) Malmostosa (GB) 6/1
    Naa Credit The Giver (IRE) 4/1

    24/04/2016 Thir Mcvicar (GB) 5/1
    Muss Surewecan (GB) 85/40
    Gow Beechmount Whisper (IRE) 5/2

    23/04/2016 Lim Unyielding (GB) 5/2
    Donc Arcanada (IRE) 9/1
    Hay Rock Song (GB) 10/1
    Wolv (AW) Muzdawaj (GB) 5/2
    Rip Noble Gift (GB) 7/4
    Wolv (AW) Off The Pulse (GB) 5/1
    Leic Shining Romeo (GB) 16/1
    Lim Bondi Beach (IRE) 6/4
    Leic Imperial Aviator (GB) 10/1

    22/04/2016 Dun Long Island Sound (USA) 5/6
    Dun Split The Atom (IRE) 2/5
    Donc Sark (IRE) 25/1
    Donc Remarkable (GB) 4/1
    Donc Hidden Justice (IRE) 10/1
    Sand Rocaverde (IRE) 11/1
    Dun Tribal Path (IRE) 9/4

    21/04/2016 Tip Doc Sportello (IRE) 9/4

    20/04/2016 Ling (AW) Threebagsue (IRE) 15/8

    19/04/2016 Bri Free To Roam (IRE) 7/4
    Bri Secret Millionaire (IRE) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) Argent Knight (GB) 6/5
    Wolv (AW) Flying Fantasy (GB) 7/2

    18/04/2016 Pont Captain Scooby (GB) 11/1
    Win Fastnet Spin (IRE) 4/1
    Win Cat Royale (IRE) 11/2

    17/04/2016 Nav Pretty Perfect (IRE) 9/1
    Nav Misty Millie (IRE) 16/1

    16/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Mr Red Clubs (IRE) Evens
    Wolv (AW) Ordinal (GB) 11/8
    Thir Off The Scale (IRE) 9/1
    Thir Pomme De Terre (IRE) 8/1
    Thir Sartori (GB) 5/2
    Thir Cymro (IRE) 9/2
    Thir Mitchum (GB) 3/1
    Chel Dartmouth (GB) 3/1
    Chel Gabrial's Kaka (IRE) 4/1
    Chel Against The Odds (GB) 2/1

    15/04/2016 Dun Alcock And Brown (IRE) 9/1
    Bath Demora (GB) 9/1
    Dun The Tulip (IRE) 3/1
    Dun Approcaillis (IRE) 12/1

    14/04/2016 Chel Daisy Boy (IRE) 8/1
    Nmkt Accession (IRE) 20/1

    13/04/2016 Kemp (AW) Saeedan (IRE) 11/2
    Kemp (AW) Jodies Jem (GB) 14/1
    Nmkt Gifted Master (IRE) 1/2
    Nmkt Brando (GB) 2/1
    Nmkt Mahsoob (GB) 10/30
    Bev Another Go (IRE) 3/1

    12/04/2016 South (AW) An Fear Ciuin (IRE) 12/1
    South (AW) Street Force (USA) 5/1
    South (AW) Melendez (USA) 15/8

    10/04/2016 Leo Jet Setting (IRE) 11/2
    Leo Alveena (IRE) Evens
    Leo Laganore (IRE) 9/4

    09/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Yasir (USA) 7/2
    Gow The Moore Factor (IRE) 6/4
    Ling (AW) Dommersen (IRE) 5/4

    08/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Dream Ally (IRE) 9/1
    Leic Bakht A Rawan (IRE) 5/2
    Leic Dilgura (GB) 9/2
    Wolv (AW) Diamond Vine (IRE) 9/1

    07/04/2016 South (AW) White Shaheen (GB) 8/13
    Lim Dragon Khan (IRE) 15/8
    South (AW) Moonshine Ridge (IRE) 5/1
    South (AW) Quadriga (IRE) 3/1

    06/04/2016 Nott Frosty Berry (GB) 50/1
    Leo Somehow (IRE) 15/8
    Nott Willytheconqueror (IRE) 3/1
    Catt Baron Bolt (GB) 11/4
    Kemp (AW) Viscount Barfield (IRE) 4/1
    Ling (AW) Replenish (FR) 4/1
    Kemp (AW) Suqoor (GB) 8/1

    05/04/2016 Pont Sugar Lump (GB) 9/4
    Pont Sands Chorus (GB) 6/1
    Pont Master Of Finance (IRE) 11/4

    04/04/2016 Ling (AW) Khismet (GB) 7/4

    03/04/2016 Cur Zhukova (IRE) 6/1
    Cur Ceol An Ghra (IRE) 3/1
    Donc Philadelphia (IRE) 13/8
    Cur Buenos Y Bobos (IRE) 11/1

    02/04/2016 Kemp (AW) Haines (GB) 9/2
    Donc Hereawi (GB) 4/1

    01/04/2016 Ling (AW) Sir Dudley (IRE) 5/1
    Wolv (AW) Manjaam (IRE) 9/4
    Ling (AW) Bouclier (IRE) 3/1
    Ling (AW) Capricious Cantor (IRE) 7/4
    Dun Posing (USA) 4/5
    Dun Washington DC (IRE) 11/10
    Dun Jamesie (IRE) 11/4

    31/03/2016 Chel Rainbow Lad (IRE) 11/4
    Wolv (AW) On A Whim (GB) 9/2

    30/03/2016 Kemp (AW) Harry Holland (GB) 15/2
    South (AW) Moon River (IRE) 11/4
    South (AW) Moonshine Ridge (IRE) 7/4
    South (AW) Harwoods Star (IRE) 8/1

    29/03/2016 Wolv (AW) Eland Ally (GB) 11/1
    Wolv (AW) Toymaker (GB) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) Topaling (GB) 14/1

    28/03/2016 Red Royal Holiday (IRE) 9/2
    Red Another Go (IRE) 12/1
  • Top 3 LTO Places
    27/04/2016 Ascot The Last Lion (IRE) 8/15 2nd
    Pont Captain Dion (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Pont Extortion (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Pont Normandy Barriere (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Capo Rosso (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Obboorr (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Music Major (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Kodi Da Capo (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Outer Space (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Ascot Flying Officer (USA) 5/2 3rd
    Ascot Arod (IRE) 13/8 3rd
    Ascot Steal The Scene (IRE) 14/1 4th
    Ascot Dutch Law (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Bri Black Caesar (IRE) 15/8 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Corked (IRE) 7/2 2nd

    26/04/2016 Ling (AW) I'm Harry (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Bri Les Gar Gan (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Nott High Draw (FR) 2/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Ilzam (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Bri Lutine Charlie (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Nott Zeehan (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Nott First Bombardment (GB) 100/30 2nd
    Bath Knight Of The Air (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Bath Smiley Bagel (IRE) 100/30 3rd
    Wolv (AW) All You (IRE) 5/2 3rd
    Bath Mawaany (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Curtain Call (GB) 25/1 3rd

    25/04/2016 Win Rex Bell (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Win Desert Haze (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Win Wave Reviews (GB) 10/11 2nd
    Win Copper Knight (IRE) 5/4 2nd
    Naa Monsieur Joe (IRE) 14/1 2nd
    Chel Simply Clever (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Naa Doonard Prince (IRE) 13/2 4th
    Naa Shinyhappyjohn (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Naa Mr Right (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Naa Freeman (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Naa Fast On (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Naa Canary Row (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Naa Blue Bahia (IRE) 100/30 3rd
    Win Marmajuke Bay (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Win All My Love (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Upstaging (GB) 6/4 3rd
    Ayr Geno (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    South (AW) Colourbearer (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Chel Aristocratic (GB) 5/4 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Mister Musicmaster (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Alyday (GB) 4/6 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Quality Art (USA) 13/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Dream Ally (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Chel Kokoni (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Chel Go On Gal (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Camargue (GB) 5/4 2nd
    South (AW) Mutamid (GB) 100/30 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Colourfilly (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Ayr New Abbey Angel (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Ayr Testa Rossa (IRE) 13/2 2nd

    24/04/2016 Gow French Blue (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Gow Etched (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Gow Cresendo (IRE) 9/4 4th
    Gow Radar O'Reilly (IRE) 33/1 2nd
    Thir Corridor Kid (IRE) 25/1 2nd
    Thir Unex Modigliani (IRE) 11/1 3rd
    Thir Mango Chutney (GB) 18/1 3rd
    Thir Bapak Asmara (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Muss Dark Command (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Muss Hidden Rebel (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Muss Opt Out (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Muss Amazement (GER) 11/4 2nd
    Thir Humour (IRE) 12/1 3rd

    23/04/2016 Leic Billy's Boots (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Lim Full Court Press (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Rip Sir Dudley (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Leic Hepplewhite (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Leic Zauffaly (FR) 10/1 3rd
    Rip George Dryden (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Lim Vocal Experience (IRE) 16/1 2nd
    Rip My Reward (GB) 18/1 2nd
    Lim Tap Focus (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Lim Creme De La (USA) 4/6 2nd
    Hay Georgian Bay (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Hay Shafafya (GB) 11/1 2nd
    Hay Malhama (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Hay Daphne (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Donc Moonlight Venture (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Donc Bedrock (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Donc Heir To A Throne (FR) 12/1 2nd
    Donc Press Gang (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Sacred Trust (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Les Gar Gan (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Atreus (GB) 100/30 2nd
    Hay The Firm (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Hay Higher Power (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Picket Line (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Bowson Fred (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Qaffaal (USA) 6/5 3rd
    Lim Knockmaole Boy (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Rip Under Attack (IRE) 100/30 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Mahfooz (IRE) 6/1 2nd

    22/04/2016 Dun Midnight Crossing (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Donc Glenrowan Rose (IRE) 25/1 4th
    Dun Abrahams Blessing (IRE) 33/1 3rd
    Dun Alcock And Brown (IRE) 15/8 2nd
    Dun Diamond Fields (IRE) 100/30 2nd
    Dun Flying Bullet (USA) 3/1 2nd
    Sand Shall We (IRE) 9/2 2nd

    21/04/2016 Bev Kirkham (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Tip English Pale (IRE) 50/1 3rd
    Bev Accladora (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Tip Ancient Sands (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Bev Arab Poet (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Tip Midst (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Bev Busy Street (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Bev Chilworth Bells (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Tip Eacharn (IRE) 14/1 2nd

    20/04/2016 Catt Dry Your Eyes (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Catt I Am Not Here (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Catt Bad Girl Caoimhe (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Catt American Hustle (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Catt Mr Orange (IRE) 15/8 3rd
    Ling (AW) Bargain Buy (GB) 4/6 2nd
    Epsom Pacify (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Stetchworth Park (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Lovely Memory (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Tigserin (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Epsom Machine Learner (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Epsom Prendergast Hill (IRE) 9/2 3rd

    19/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Schoolboy Error (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Bri Sheila's Lad (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Bri Innoko (FR) 6/1 2nd
    Bri Fitzwilliam (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) For Shia And Lula (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Dnaneer (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Introductory (IRE) 4/7 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Indira (GB) 4/1 2nd

    18/04/2016 Dun Planchart (USA) 12/1 3rd
    Win For Ayman (GB) 9/1 4th
    Win Ice Lord (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Win Links Drive Lady (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Win Majestic Hero (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Dun Master Speaker (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Dun Kasbah (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Dun My Fantasea (IRE) 11/2 3rd
    Dun Mittersill (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Pont Sands Chorus (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Pont Dance Alone (GB) 2/1 3rd
    Pont Madam Lilibet (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Win Hold Hands (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Pont Percy Toplis (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Pont The Hooded Claw (IRE) 16/1 3rd

    17/04/2016 Nav Deeds Not Words (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Nav Dewdrop (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Nav Brendan Brackan (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Nav Elusive Approach (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Nav Saafarr (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Nav Along The Shore (IRE) 7/1 3rd

    16/04/2016 Chel Besharah (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Overlord (GB) 25/1 3rd
    Thir One Boy (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Nott Harlequin Rock (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Nott The Knave (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Indian Affair (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Almanack (GB) 11/2 2nd

    15/04/2016 Dun Shake The Bucket (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Dun Lex Talionis (IRE) 11/4 3rd
    Bath Lucky Louie (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Bath Dontforgettocall (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Dun King Electric (IRE) 4/9 2nd
    Dun Oor Jock (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Dun Shinyhappyjohn (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Dun Lady Oak (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Dun Grey Sky Blue (IRE) 66/1 3rd

    14/04/2016 Nmkt Foundation (IRE) 4/6 2nd
    Chel Born To Finish (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Rip Dominate (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Chel Silver Bid (USA) 7/2 2nd
    Rip Steccando (IRE) 100/30 2nd
    Chel More Spice (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Chel Semra (USA) 2/1 2nd
    Rip Classic Seniority (GB) 25/1 4th
    Nmkt Tupi (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Nmkt Monteverdi (FR) 13/2 2nd
    Nmkt Harlequeen (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Nmkt Summer Icon (GB) 9/2 2nd

    13/04/2016 Bev Decadent Times (IRE) Evens 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Lightning Charlie (GB) 11/4 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Snappy Guest (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Etaad (USA) 4/1 2nd
    Bev Miss Ranger (IRE) 11/10 2nd
    Bev School Fete (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Eton Rambler (USA) 20/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Bollihope (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Hurricane Volta (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Nmkt Tomily (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Cool Crescendo (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Nmkt Waterloo Bridge (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Nmkt Tullius (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Nmkt Daqeeq (IRE) 11/2 2nd

    12/04/2016 South (AW) Patriotic (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Nmkt Yeeoow (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Nmkt Tabarrak (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Nmkt Golden Stunner (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    South (AW) Perardua (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Nmkt Archimento (GB) 9/2 3rd
    South (AW) Star Ascending (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    South (AW) Deansgate (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Nmkt Fawaareq (IRE) 3/1 2nd

    11/04/2016 Win Ttainted Love (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Win Ravenous (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Win Handytalk (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Win Blacklister (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Win Rideonastar (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Red Merry Banter (GB) 15/2 2nd
    Win Niblawi (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Red Kalk Bay (IRE) 10/1 3rd

    10/04/2016 Leo Here For The Craic (IRE) 14/1 2nd
    Leo Poetic Choice (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Leo Alice Springs (IRE) 5/4 3rd
    Leo Housesofparliament (IRE) 2/1 2nd

    09/04/2016 Ling (AW) Presumido (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Exoplanet Blue (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Magical Path (IRE) 5/6 2nd
    Gow Fiuntach (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Colourbearer (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Cartographic (USA) 9/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Dutch Uncle (GB) 15/8 3rd
    Ling (AW) Head Coach (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Gow Whippers Dream (IRE) 7/1 2nd

    08/04/2016 Wolv (AW) Espoir (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Dun Strategic Force (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    Dun Carried (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Dun Sea Of Blue (IRE) 15/8 3rd
    Leic Lucata (IRE) 5/4 2nd
    Dun Go Kart (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Krazy Paving (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Miracle Garden (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Mrs Burbidge (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Moueenn (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Dun Absorbing (IRE) 25/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Eastern Dragon (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Dun Eddystone Rock (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Dun War Room (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Dun Easy Boy (IRE) 8/1 3rd

    07/04/2016 Chel Cool Crescendo (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Lim Evening Hush (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Lim Bridgebrook (GB) 7/1 3rd
    Chel Theos Lolly (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Chel Under Attack (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Lim Blue Skimmer (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Lim Red House Hill (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Lim A Likely Story (IRE) Evens 2nd
    Lim Charlies Missile (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Chel Hakam (USA) 10/11 3rd
    Lim Pat Harkin (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    South (AW) Little Choosey (GB) 16/1 2nd
    South (AW) Coiste Bodhar (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    South (AW) Melendez (USA) 5/2 2nd

    06/04/2016 Catt Swift Cedar (IRE) 11/1 3rd
    Nott Clever Cookie (GB) 4/6 2nd
    Ling (AW) North Creek (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Only Ten Per Cent (IRE) 16/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Betsalottie (GB) 10/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) King Of Naples (GB) 12/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Quebee (GB) 2/1 2nd
    Nott Gawdawpalin (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Leo Prove The Point (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Catt Our Boy Jack (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Catt Dr Red Eye (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Catt Danish Duke (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Catt Perfect Peak (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Togetherwecan (IRE) 7/4 3rd
    Ling (AW) Agerzam (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Nott Finelcity (GER) 9/2 3rd
    Nott Stratum (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Leo Whats The Plot (IRE) 11/1 3rd
    Leo Athenry Boy (IRE) 16/1 4th

    05/04/2016 Pont Candelisa (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Pont Reflektor (IRE) 13/2 3rd
    Pont Lopes Dancer (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Pont Sakhalin Star (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Pont Tamayuz Magic (IRE) 3/1 2nd

    04/04/2016 Ling (AW) Paling (GB) Evens 3rd
    Ling (AW) Decadent Times (IRE) 7/1 2nd

    03/04/2016 Donc Flyboy (IRE) 4/9 2nd
    Donc Bertie Moon (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Donc Moonlightnavigator (USA) 5/1 4th
    Cur Sufoof (IRE) 2/1 3rd
    Cur Waitaki (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Donc Jan Van Hoof (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Cur Callender (IRE) 4/7 2nd

    02/04/2016 Donc Bravo Zolo (IRE) 12/1 2nd
    Donc Maarek (GB) 13/2 3rd
    Donc Injam (IRE) 33/1 2nd
    Donc Time Square (FR) 20/1 4th
    Kemp (AW) Volunteer Point (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Donc Honey Badger (GB) 20/1 3rd
    Donc I Am Not Here (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Hamelin (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Adventurous (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Mukaynis (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Yeeoow (IRE) 13/2 3rd

    01/04/2016 Ling (AW) Freddy With A Y (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) What A Party (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Bertie Blu Boy (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Ripinto (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Ling (AW) Pursuitofthestars (IRE) 5/4 2nd
    Dun Our Manekineko (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Dun Sea Of Blue (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Swendab (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Generalyse (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Destroyer (GB) Evens 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Celestial Dancer (FR) 10/1 2nd
    Dun Most Beautiful (GB) 7/4 3rd
    Dun Mzuri (IRE) 14/1 2nd
    Dun Zilbiyr (FR) 2/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Rasasee (IRE) 4/7 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Jarir (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Inexes (GB) 9/2 3rd

    31/03/2016 Wolv (AW) Hot Stuff (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Presto Boy (GB) 4/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Ali Bin Nayef (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Chel Nasri (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Happy Jack (IRE) 2/1 2nd
    Chel Deep Blue Sea (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Chel Both Sides (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Chel Air Of Astana (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Chel Wild Flower (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Chel Rock 'n' Red (IRE) 8/1 3rd

    30/03/2016 Kemp (AW) Torreon (IRE) 11/10 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Krazy Paving (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Multigifted (GB) 16/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Burning Blaze (GB) 5/1 3rd
    South (AW) Silver Bid (USA) 7/2 2nd
    South (AW) Red Touch (USA) 2/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Siri (GB) 30/100 2nd
    Ling (AW) Secret Witness (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Theydon Thunder (GB) 6/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Quality Song (USA) 3/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) San Quentin (IRE) 20/1 3rd
    South (AW) Lexington Times (IRE) 9/1 3rd
    South (AW) Secret Insider (USA) 8/1 2nd

    29/03/2016 Wolv (AW) Darksiteofthemoon (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Ragner (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Knights Table (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) City Dreams (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Chicago School (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Hazel Blue (IRE) 3/1 2nd

    28/03/2016 Red Lavetta (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Cork Flight Risk (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Red Treasury Notes (IRE) 5/1 2nd
    Red Symbolist (IRE) 11/1 2nd
    Red Taffetta (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Cork Penny Pepper (IRE) 100/30 2nd

Welcome to Racing Buzz - Now Including Irish Flat Horse Racing

We provide speed ratings for UK and Irish flat horse racing. By using our speed ratings to measure a horse's past performance we can highlight the primary horse racing form factors - speed and fitness.

Horse Racing Speed Ratings are a numerical representation of how fast a horse has run in a race. These speed figures are used as a basis to judge a horse's competitive ability. Analysing a horse's race form can be a time consuming and difficult task. Our database puts years of horse racing data at your finger tips, giving you a unique insight lacking in traditional form ratings or guides, laid out in a straight forward user friendly manner allowing you to get to the crucial information quickly and easily without having to download software and constant updates.

Check out our about page to see how we put together our speed ratings. Then take a look at our examples to see how we display our information.

Speed Ratings features

For every UK & Irish flat race meeting we show:-

Race Cards showing the race details including Horse, draw, weight, official rating, jockey and trainer along with minimum, maximum and average speed ratings as well as the 5 most recent speed ratings the horse have achieved. Now available in PDF and CSV downloads. Work with the cards in your favourite spreadsheet application or print them and take them with you.

Draw Statistics showing the number of 1sts, 2nds and 3rds for each draw number over the last 3 years. We also present the draw stats in a graph giving a quick visual analysis of any draw advantage.

Jockey and Trainer course statistics for the last 3 years.

Jockey and Trainer Recent Form showing the number of runs, wins and places with percentages for each jockey and trainer in the race

Head to Head details of previous meetings between horses showing where, when and who beat who.

Our comprehensive Form Search allows you to search and filter years of data to profile races, jockeys and trainers or assess ante post runners. We show every horse, jockey, trainer and course that has raced in the UK in the last 5 years. Now including 3 years of Irish racing results.


Just relying on your ratings is freeing up so much time. Looking at the obvious ones and letting the ratings speak for themselves is a lot easier than going through every race with a fine tooth comb. If I don't agree with one then onto the next race. Handy checking up with the filters at the course and the draw stats, both are excellent tools.
Craig - Blackpool

First winner at Wolverhampton..first two at Brighton..first winner at Ayr yesterday. I BACKED 15 WINNERS in the day and evening.( most down to Racing Buzz. ).How do we get better than this .( Smile)..........Well done Racing Buzz I have backed 10 winners using your ratings today and 15 winners yesterday.
Tom - Cheshire

I just wanted to say that I have been using your ratings for the past 10 days and so far I have found them very useful. I wish I had subscribed sooner. Thanks.
Simon - Suffolk

I been testing for a week now and I'm very impressed with it. I will take out a monthly subscription tomorrow. It was nice to find a speed rating that more or less only uses raw figures with that I mean leave the weight most others are incorporating in there ratings....... Just like to show you some testing I been doing after I start using your speed ratings. Have to say I'm very happy with it even its only around 100 bets. The more I use your ratings the more it impresses me.
Petter - Örebro Sweden

I have to say using your ratings my betting has progressed quite considerably.
David - Leeds

I've had some great winners from the ratings recently. I have a good deal of confidence in the figures when the conditions are right. Many thanks!
John - slough