Recent Winners With Our Highest Last Time Out (LTO) Speed Rating

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  • Top rated LTO Winners
    13/12/2019 Chel Griggy (IRE) 15/8

    12/12/2019 Chel Clap Your Hands (GB) 2/9

    11/12/2019 Chel Rebel Redemption (GB) 9/4
    Chel Agent Of Fortune (GB) 4/5
    Chel Loulin (GB) 7/4
    Kemp (AW) Roman Spinner (GB) 4/1
    Ling (AW) Dubious Affair (IRE) 15/8

    10/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Goddess Of Fire (GB) 7/2

    09/12/2019 Newc (AW) Rockley Point (GB) 9/4
    Ling (AW) Watchable (GB) 11/2
    Ling (AW) Fizzy Feet (IRE) 3/1
    Ling (AW) Island Hideaway (GB) 15/8
    Newc (AW) Etikaal (GB) 2/1

    06/12/2019 Newc (AW) Herringswell (FR) 8/1

    05/12/2019 Kemp (AW) Make It Rain (IRE) 7/2
    Kemp (AW) Amarillo Star (IRE) 1/4
    South (AW) Sommer Katze (FR) 11/8
    South (AW) Tynecastle Park (GB) 5/1

    04/12/2019 Kemp (AW) Harry's Bar (GB) 4/1

    03/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Noble Dawn (GER) 5/1

    30/11/2019 Ling (AW) The Lacemaker (GB) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) Agent Shiftwell (GB) 4/5
    Wolv (AW) Big Les (IRE) 3/1

    29/11/2019 Dun Everyhouronthehour (IRE) 11/4
    South (AW) Motahassen (IRE) 11/1

    28/11/2019 Chel Great Ambassador (GB) 4/6
    Ling (AW) Gerry The Glover (IRE) 16/1

    27/11/2019 Kemp (AW) Sweet Celebration (IRE) 2/1
    Kemp (AW) Boccaccio (IRE) 4/9

    26/11/2019 Wolv (AW) Loving Glance (GB) 13/8
    Wolv (AW) Katherine Place (GB) 7/1
    Wolv (AW) Waliyak (FR) 10/11

    25/11/2019 Chel Atwaar (GB) 10/1

    23/11/2019 Wolv (AW) Scofflaw (GB) 3/1
    Ling (AW) Documenting (GB) 10/11
    Wolv (AW) Khaloosy (IRE) 5/4
    Ling (AW) Thegreatestshowman (GB) 4/1
    Ling (AW) Helian (IRE) 13/2

    22/11/2019 Dun Pillar (GB) 11/2
    Newc (AW) Rhossili Down (GB) 1/3
    Newc (AW) King Ragnar (GB) 11/8
    Dun Count Of Carabass (IRE) 10/1

    21/11/2019 Chel Mons Star (IRE) 1/6
    Chel Lady Dancealot (IRE) 5/1

    20/11/2019 Dun Loaded (IRE) 7/4

    19/11/2019 Chel Bavardages (IRE) 9/4
    Chel Summeronesevenhills (USA) 11/8

    18/11/2019 South (AW) Silverturnstogold (GB) 6/1
    South (AW) Gleeful (GB) 3/1
    South (AW) Dark Regard (GB) 9/4
    South (AW) Clipsham Tiger (IRE) 10/11

    16/11/2019 Wolv (AW) Classic Design (IRE) 5/2

    15/11/2019 Dun Rockview Roman (IRE) 9/4
  • 2nd and 3rd rated LTO Winners
    13/12/2019 Dun Royal Highness (IRE) 2/1
    Dun Alfredo Arcano (IRE) 6/4
    Chel Notforalongtime (GB) 4/7
    Chel Acclaim The Nation (IRE) 3/1
    Chel Fighting Temeraire (IRE) 10/1

    12/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Isabella Ruby (GB) 7/1
    Wolv (AW) Falcon Cliffs (IRE) 5/4
    Wolv (AW) Millionaire Waltz (GB) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) Goddess Of Fire (GB) 11/10
    Chel Spirit Of May (GB) 7/2

    11/12/2019 Ling (AW) Kodiline (IRE) 11/4
    Kemp (AW) Ivatheengine (IRE) 4/1
    Kemp (AW) Bridgewater Bay (IRE) 5/2

    09/12/2019 Newc (AW) Lezardrieux (GB) 5/2
    Newc (AW) Minhaaj (IRE) 8/13
    Newc (AW) Corked (IRE) 11/2

    07/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Dream Magic (IRE) 3/1

    06/12/2019 Newc (AW) Dulas (IRE) 11/4
    Newc (AW) Vive La Difference (IRE) 6/1
    Newc (AW) Valley Of Fire (GB) 7/1
    Newc (AW) Sulafaat (IRE) 14/1

    05/12/2019 Kemp (AW) Sky Commander (IRE) 5/4
    South (AW) Bee Machine (IRE) 7/1

    04/12/2019 Ling (AW) Victory Bond (GB) 4/1
    Ling (AW) Beepeecee (GB) 8/1
    Kemp (AW) Rajman (GB) 6/1

    03/12/2019 Dun Getaway Queen (IRE) 100/30
    Dun Estepona Sun (GB) 7/2
    Dun Tribal Path (IRE) 11/4

    02/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Bubble And Squeak (GB) 9/4
    Wolv (AW) Arabic Culture (USA) 5/4

    30/11/2019 Wolv (AW) Angelic Time (IRE) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) Power Link (USA) 13/8
    Ling (AW) Luis Vaz De Torres (IRE) 9/2
    Ling (AW) Roman Spinner (GB) 9/2
    Ling (AW) Urban Hero (IRE) 8/13
    Ling (AW) Odyssey Girl (IRE) 6/1
    Ling (AW) Prince Rock (IRE) 11/4

    29/11/2019 Dun Enchanted One (IRE) 9/4
    Kemp (AW) Vibrance (GB) 13/8

    28/11/2019 Ling (AW) Transition (GB) 4/1
    Chel Samphire Coast (GB) 6/1
    Ling (AW) Universal Gleam (GB) 5/1

    27/11/2019 Kemp (AW) Fantasy Believer (IRE) 4/1
    South (AW) Silverturnstogold (GB) 5/2
    South (AW) Cedar Cage (GB) 5/2
    Kemp (AW) Queen Constantine (GER) 8/1
    Kemp (AW) Earth And Sky (USA) 9/4

    26/11/2019 Wolv (AW) Rocket Action (GB) 5/2

    25/11/2019 Chel Guardia Svizzera (IRE) 12/1

    23/11/2019 Ling (AW) Dancin Inthestreet (GB) 3/1
    Ling (AW) Garth Rockett (GB) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) Three Little Birds (GB) 5/4

    22/11/2019 Newc (AW) Rivas Rob Roy (GB) 9/2

    21/11/2019 Newc (AW) Queen Gamrah (GB) 5/2
    Chel Lalania (GB) 3/1
    Chel Unforgiving Minute (GB) 3/1

    20/11/2019 Kemp (AW) Cry Havoc (IRE) 11/10
    Dun Sceptical (GB) 10/11
    Dun Yuften (GB) 4/5
    Dun Power Drive (GB) 4/1
    Dun Geological (IRE) 10/1
    Kemp (AW) Speed Merchant (IRE) 14/1

    19/11/2019 Chel Story Of Light (IRE) 8/11

    18/11/2019 South (AW) Tawny Port (GB) 7/2
    South (AW) Blowing Dixie (GB) 11/8
    South (AW) Moneta (GB) 10/1
    Wolv (AW) Auchterarder (IRE) 5/2
    Wolv (AW) Desert Caravan (GB) 5/6

    16/11/2019 Wolv (AW) Schumli (GB) 10/1
    Wolv (AW) Cuillin (USA) 25/1
    Wolv (AW) Lethal Angel (GB) 9/4
    Ling (AW) Avorisk Et Perils (FR) 9/2
    Ling (AW) Sarsaparilla Kit (GB) 4/1
    Wolv (AW) River Nymph (GB) 4/7
    Ling (AW) Scentasia (GB) 11/8
    Wolv (AW) Celestran (GB) 9/4

    15/11/2019 Dun Arcanears (IRE) 3/1
    Dun Grandmaster Flash (IRE) 6/4
    Dun Charcor (IRE) 11/2
  • Top 3 LTO Places
    13/12/2019 Dun Attack At Dawn (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Dun Haifa (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Dun Moll (IRE) 33/1 2nd
    Dun Eglish (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Dun Arnhem (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Dun War Hero (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Dun A Likely Story (IRE) 11/2 2nd
    Chel Eevilynn Drew (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Chel Swansdown (GB) 7/1 4th
    Chel Grandmaster Flash (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Chel Savalas (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Grisons (FR) 11/1 3rd

    12/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Master Burbidge (GB) 15/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Holy Eleanor (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) The British Lion (IRE) 20/1 3rd
    Chel True Scarlet (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Chel Leg It Lenny (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Chel Revolutionise (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Chel Hidden Pearl (GB) 6/1 2nd

    11/12/2019 Kemp (AW) Shine On Brendan (IRE) 10/11 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Rajguru (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Sheriffmuir (USA) 4/11 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Astromachia (GB) 5/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Ubla (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Garth Rockett (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Lord Halifax (IRE) 4/5 3rd
    Ling (AW) My Target (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Merry Vale (GB) 7/4 3rd
    Ling (AW) Mercury Dime (IRE) 16/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Music Major (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Chel Martin's Brig (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Chel True Believer (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Chel Sarsaparilla Kit (GB) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Cold Harbour (GB) 9/2 3rd

    10/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Halfacrown (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Love Explodes (GB) 15/8 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Regal Lilly (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Triple Spear (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Bahuta Acha (GB) 6/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Disruptor (FR) 3/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Lawyersgunsn'Money (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Battle Of Marathon (USA) 4/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) In Demand (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Sir Hector (IRE) 9/4 2nd

    09/12/2019 Ling (AW) Agreed (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Ling (AW) Haraz (IRE) 33/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Story Of Light (IRE) 4/7 2nd
    Ling (AW) The Weed Machine (IRE) 40/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Daring Guest (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Kath's Lustre (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Sulafaat (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Newc (AW) Where's Mick (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Gowanlad (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Lapses Linguae (FR) 3/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) A Go Go (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Tiltilys Rock (IRE) 66/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Proceeding (GB) 5/2 3rd

    07/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Muraaqeb (GB) 11/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Zoran (GB) 9/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Auchterarder (IRE) 9/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Get Boosting (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Bahuta Acha (GB) 11/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Busy Street (GB) 14/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Fayetta (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Lovely Lou Lou (GB) 7/2 3rd

    06/12/2019 Dun Dash D'Or (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Dun Snapollentia (IRE) 9/4 3rd
    Dun Swiss Army Officer (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Dun Nimitz (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Dun Longbourn (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Dun Rips Dream (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Accessor (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Fair Warning (GB) 11/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Glen Force (IRE) Evens 3rd
    Newc (AW) Fendale (GB) 40/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Dawry (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Newc (AW) La Rav (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Newc (AW) I Know How (IRE) 4/1 2nd

    05/12/2019 Kemp (AW) Iron Heart (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Katzoff (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Lottie Marie (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Viaduct (GB) 5/2 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Swooping Eagle (IRE) 6/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Shumba (USA) 25/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Believe In Love (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Baadirr (GB) 7/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Earth And Sky (USA) 6/5 2nd
    South (AW) Chocoholic (GB) 6/1 3rd
    South (AW) Princess Harley (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    South (AW) Loulin (GB) 7/2 2nd
    South (AW) Break The Silence (GB) 13/8 2nd

    04/12/2019 Kemp (AW) Al Dawodiya (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Hameem (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Bint Dandy (IRE) 12/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Holy Eleanor (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Ling (AW) Intisaab (GB) 7/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Kasbaan (GB) 3/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Banta Bay (GB) 5/1 4th
    Ling (AW) Mrs Upjohn (FR) 3/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Yasir (USA) 11/4 2nd

    03/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Queen Mia (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Storm Ahead (IRE) 9/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Canford Bay (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Mansfield (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Majestic Stone (IRE) 3/1 3rd
    Dun Storm Steps (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Dun Balmari (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Dun At War (IRE) 9/1 2nd
    Dun Ticks The Boxes (IRE) 14/1 2nd
    Dun Passing Trade (IRE) 8/1 3rd

    02/12/2019 Wolv (AW) Chocco Star (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Indomeneo (GB) 11/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Crimewave (IRE) 100/30 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Calvinist (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Just Magic (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Ballet Red (FR) 6/1 2nd

    30/11/2019 Ling (AW) Bendy Spirit (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Takeonefortheteam (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Flora Tristan (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Maazel (IRE) 4/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Eventful (GB) 15/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) East Of Eden (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Emirates Currency (GB) 11/10 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Reasoned (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Tathmeen (IRE) 7/1 3rd

    29/11/2019 Kemp (AW) Sheriffmuir (USA) 13/8 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Toybox (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Rock Boy Grey (IRE) 6/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Split Down South (GB) 4/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) True Belief (IRE) 8/1 3rd
    Dun Hieroglyphic (GB) 13/8 2nd
    Dun Shore Step (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Dun Adamaris (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Dun Blackstone Cliff (IRE) 25/1 3rd

    28/11/2019 Ling (AW) Wiley Post (GB) 8/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Spirited Guest (GB) 9/4 3rd
    Ling (AW) Foresee (GER) 7/4 2nd
    Ling (AW) Naizagai (GB) 4/5 2nd
    Ling (AW) The Warrior (IRE) 8/1 2nd
    Chel Batchelor Boy (IRE) 3/1 2nd
    Chel Vandad (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    Chel The Blue Bower (IRE) 10/1 3rd
    Chel Arriviste (GB) 14/1 3rd
    Chel Mutafani (GB) 9/2 2nd
    Chel Cheng Gong (GB) 11/8 3rd
    Chel Dubious Affair (IRE) 12/1 2nd

    27/11/2019 Kemp (AW) Full Intention (GB) 11/2 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Strawberry Jack (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Exceeding Power (GB) 16/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Torochica (GB) 3/1 3rd
    South (AW) Jochi Khan (USA) 8/1 3rd
    South (AW) Kyllachy Warrior (IRE) 7/2 3rd
    South (AW) Fancy Footings (IRE) 13/8 3rd

    26/11/2019 Wolv (AW) Kepala (GB) 33/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Prompting (GB) 9/2 2nd

    25/11/2019 Chel Pharoah King (USA) 12/1 3rd
    Chel Far Rockaway (GB) 5/2 2nd
    Chel Diyari (IRE) 100/30 3rd
    Chel Power Of Time (IRE) 5/1 3rd
    Chel Margaret J (GB) 25/1 3rd
    Chel Evening Spirit (GB) 11/10 3rd
    Chel Griggy (IRE) 9/2 3rd

    23/11/2019 Ling (AW) Delicate Kiss (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) I'Lletyougonow (GB) 8/1 3rd
    Ling (AW) Saracen Star (GB) 12/1 2nd
    Ling (AW) Avorisk Et Perils (FR) 7/4 3rd
    Ling (AW) Fizzy Feet (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Dance To Paris (GB) 9/2 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Qaaraat (GB) 13/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Bendy Spirit (IRE) 7/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Indomeneo (GB) 8/1 3rd

    22/11/2019 Dun Secret Wizard (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Dun King Of The Throne (USA) 15/8 3rd
    Dun Royal Highness (IRE) 5/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Lucky Lodge (GB) 7/2 3rd
    Newc (AW) Hassaad (GB) 5/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Landing Night (IRE) 25/1 3rd
    Newc (AW) Ascot Week (USA) 8/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Almurr (IRE) 7/1 3rd

    21/11/2019 Chel Kohoof (GB) 9/1 3rd
    Chel Azzeccagarbugli (IRE) 7/4 2nd
    Chel Land Of Winter (FR) Evens 2nd
    Newc (AW) Glorious Dane (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Newc (AW) Paths Of Glory (GB) 11/8 2nd
    Newc (AW) Galsworthy (GB) 9/4 3rd
    Newc (AW) Arabic Culture (USA) 9/2 2nd
    Newc (AW) Time Voyage (IRE) 5/4 2nd
    Newc (AW) Agent Shiftwell (GB) 5/2 3rd

    20/11/2019 Kemp (AW) Penmellyn (IRE) 7/2 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Hurricane Alex (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Khuzaam (USA) 5/6 2nd
    Dun Sebs Star (GB) 25/1 2nd
    Dun Eastern Star (IRE) 13/2 3rd

    19/11/2019 Kemp (AW) Ela Katrina (GB) 25/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Laser Show (IRE) 6/4 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Bear Force One (GB) 6/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Creationist (USA) 4/1 2nd
    Kemp (AW) Good Tidings (FR) 5/1 3rd
    Kemp (AW) Hart Stopper (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Chel Chateau Peapod (GB) 6/1 3rd
    Chel Island Hideaway (GB) 20/1 2nd
    Chel Rideson (GB) 4/7 3rd
    Chel Homesick Boy (IRE) 4/1 2nd

    18/11/2019 South (AW) Dancing Leopard (IRE) 5/2 3rd
    South (AW) Canford Bay (IRE) 13/2 3rd
    South (AW) Six Til Twelve (IRE) 14/1 3rd
    South (AW) J Gaye (IRE) 15/2 2nd
    South (AW) Tilsworth Rose (GB) 7/2 2nd
    South (AW) Elysee Star (GB) 9/2 3rd
    South (AW) Split Down South (GB) 7/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Minhaaj (IRE) 4/6 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Rocking Reg (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Lafontaine (FR) 11/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Traveller (FR) 8/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Royal Dancer (GB) 4/1 3rd

    16/11/2019 Ling (AW) Pearl Spectre (USA) 13/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Hibernian Warrior (USA) 13/8 2nd
    Ling (AW) Zeimaam (IRE) 15/2 3rd
    Ling (AW) Soldier's Minute (GB) 100/30 3rd
    Ling (AW) Tinto (GB) 9/1 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Gottardo (IRE) 7/1 3rd
    Wolv (AW) Star Of Valour (IRE) 11/4 2nd
    Wolv (AW) You Don't Own Me (IRE) 9/2 2nd
    Wolv (AW) Three Little Birds (GB) 7/1 2nd

    15/11/2019 Dun Big Gossey (IRE) 13/8 2nd
    Dun Longbourn (IRE) 25/1 3rd
    Dun Bold Approach (IRE) 4/1 3rd
    Dun Getaway Queen (IRE) 16/1 3rd
    Dun Magi Gal (IRE) 10/1 2nd
    Dun At War (IRE) 13/2 3rd

Welcome to Racing Buzz

We provide speed ratings for UK flat horse racing. By using our speed ratings to measure a horse's past performance we can highlight the primary horse racing form factors - speed and fitness.

Horse Racing Speed Ratings are a numerical representation of how fast a horse has run in a race. These speed figures are used as a basis to judge a horse's competitive ability. Analysing a horse's race form can be a time consuming and difficult task. Our database puts years of horse racing data at your finger tips, giving you a unique insight lacking in traditional form ratings or guides, laid out in a straight forward user friendly manner allowing you to get to the crucial information quickly and easily without having to download software and constant updates.

Check out our about page to see how we put together our speed ratings. Then take a look at our examples to see how we display our information.

Speed Ratings features

For every UK flat race meeting we show:-

Race Cards showing the race details including Horse, draw, weight, official rating, jockey and trainer along with minimum, maximum and average speed ratings as well as the 5 most recent speed ratings the horse have achieved. Now available in PDF and CSV downloads. Work with the cards in your favourite spreadsheet application or print them and take them with you.

Draw Statistics showing the number of 1sts, 2nds and 3rds for each draw number over the last 3 years. We also present the draw stats in a graph giving a quick visual analysis of any draw advantage.

Jockey and Trainer course statistics for the last 3 years.

Jockey and Trainer Recent Form showing the number of runs, wins and places with percentages for each jockey and trainer in the race

Head to Head details of previous meetings between horses showing where, when and who beat who.

Our comprehensive Form Search allows you to search and filter years of data to profile races, jockeys and trainers or assess ante post runners. We show every horse, jockey, trainer and course that has raced in the UK in the last 5 years.


Just relying on your ratings is freeing up so much time. Looking at the obvious ones and letting the ratings speak for themselves is a lot easier than going through every race with a fine tooth comb. If I don't agree with one then onto the next race. Handy checking up with the filters at the course and the draw stats, both are excellent tools.
Craig - Blackpool

First winner at Wolverhampton..first two at Brighton..first winner at Ayr yesterday. I BACKED 15 WINNERS in the day and evening.( most down to Racing Buzz. ).How do we get better than this .( Smile)..........Well done Racing Buzz I have backed 10 winners using your ratings today and 15 winners yesterday.
Tom - Cheshire

I just wanted to say that I have been using your ratings for the past 10 days and so far I have found them very useful. I wish I had subscribed sooner. Thanks.
Simon - Suffolk

I been testing for a week now and I'm very impressed with it. I will take out a monthly subscription tomorrow. It was nice to find a speed rating that more or less only uses raw figures with that I mean leave the weight most others are incorporating in there ratings....... Just like to show you some testing I been doing after I start using your speed ratings. Have to say I'm very happy with it even its only around 100 bets. The more I use your ratings the more it impresses me.
Petter - Örebro Sweden

I have to say using your ratings my betting has progressed quite considerably.
David - Leeds

I've had some great winners from the ratings recently. I have a good deal of confidence in the figures when the conditions are right. Many thanks!
John - slough